The Flash Movie: Will It Start From Scratch To Replace Ezra Miller?

The Flash Movie: Will It Start From Scratch To Replace Ezra Miller?

The Flash Movie: Will It Start From Scratch To Replace Ezra Miller?

Boy, oh boy, the long-awaited Flash movie seems to be a cursed movie. How many times has it been delayed since it was announced? Well, I remember it was originally supposed to release back in 2018, a year after Ezra Miller made his official debut as Barry Allen in the 2017 Justice League movie. Before Zack Snyder’s Justice League released on HBO Max in 2021, we DC fans believed that Joss Whedon’s version would be the only version. In hindsight, it seems easy to think that Zack Snyder‘s vision brought out the best in the actors of Justice League. But let’s remember the time when we never thought Zack Snyder’s Justice League would ever exist. The 2017 movie introduced a handful of new characters for the DC Cinematic Universe, including a new Flash.

Now let’s be real here, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/Flash wasn’t our favorite character in the movie. To put it lightly, he was a bit of an awkward dude. I have to say, that’s really not a bad thing. Barry Allen was always a bit of a dork and a little socially awkward. That’s what made him the most personable member of the Justice League, as he always felt a little insecure. Based on what we saw in Joss Whedon’s Justice League, it looks like that’s what he was going for.

However, what we did see in Ezra Miller’s performance wasn’t the relatable and lovable dork we know from the comics. His take on the character was just socially awkward and threw around out-of-place jokes that just didn’t land. For instance, his joke about brunch. What is brunch? Apparently it’s something his Barry Allen never heard of, but wanted to try. That’s why he joined Bruce Wayne’s team of superhumans. Aside from being a fan of the Batman, he simply just wanted to make friends. Understandable, but he just didn’t feel right. For the guy to play the Flash in the DCEU, he fell flat for most fans.

And what about his solo movie? Yeah, about that. Aside from all the delays and behind-the-scenes drama, the issues surrounding the film have recently hit a major low blow. For those who haven’t heard, Ezra Miller has gotten into trouble again. And when I say again, I mean not once, not twice, but three times in a timespan of under a month. Holy smokes, when will this man get it together? Honestly, it’s not even funny at this point. It’s actually very sad and if you’re not privy to the details of his latest arrest, you might find it hard to sympathize with him at this point.

About a week after his latest arrest, Ezra Miller decided to attend a little get-together at a house in Hawaii. After he was apparently being belligerent and asked to leave several times, Miller proceeded to hurl a chair, which struck a young woman in the forehead. The woman suffered a half-inch cut due to the impact of the chair, but has reportedly not accepted treatment for it. A bit odd, but this whole thing just feels so out of wack. Aside from all the drama that has effected the Flash movie, this recent arrest of Ezra Miller trumps everything.

First of all, why is this guy still in Hawaii? At this point, someone should bring him home and make sure he stays indoors for a while. After his last incident, in which he apparently threatened to kill a couple who actually bailed him out of jail, I’m just astounded he actually stayed in Hawaii. The whole thing is just so bizarre and the craziest thing about it all is that Warner Bros. has been completely silent about the whole thing. Like, why? We’ve seen them react very quickly and publicly to lesser actions of other actors and directors, but come on, Ezra Miller has really crossed some lines here. Where are the consequences? How come Warner Bros. hasn’t released a statement yet?

Those are the ideal questions, but of course, we movie fans are wondering how this will affect the Flash movie. Everyone’s first guess is to replace him with Grant Gustin. Let’s face it, Grant Gustin will probably not replace him as the Flash for the DCEU. After the CW ends, I’m guessing Grant Gustin will be finished with the character. He’s put in his time and played a great Flash. There’s simply no need. And on top of that, there are literally thousands of other actors out there who can audition for the role.

Now we need to be real here. Should Ezra Miller be replaced for the Flash movie? The most logical answer is probably yes. However, I have a feeling he probably won’t be recast, at least for the moment. No matter how many ways you try to spin it, the Flash movie is done filming. It’s all been shot and probably going through the final touches of post-production. Is there a chance Warner Bros. can scrap what they’ve done and restart the Flash movie from scratch? Honestly, it very well could be.

Given Ezra Miller’s situation, it seems obvious that Warner Bros. should consider this. There are some downsides to this route, however. We’re talking about a nine-figure movie here that is arguably the most important movie of a multi-million dollar franchise. If Warner Bros. did decide to reshoot everything over again, just imagine what that would cost them. I can’t imagine they would want to bring out that much money just to reshoot a movie they have already completed. And we should also consider how much trouble this process of trying to get the Flash movie made for Warner Bros. and I don’t think they’ll want to go through that again.

On the other hand, this is a PR nightmare for Warner Bros. and the Flash movie. How can Ezra Miller possibly do press after all of this? The focus probably won’t even be on the movie, but his multiple transgressions in Hawaii. If he does stay on as the leading man for this movie, it will certainly cause problems for just about everything. It’s a very complicated situation for Warner Bros. and I’m sure they’re having conversations about it right now.

Honestly, I don’t know what route they should take. If they decide to just release the Flash movie how it is, then they can always fire Ezra Miller afterwards. Either way, they need to take action and release a statement about it. And hopefully, Ezra Miller is held accountable and given the help he clearly needs. Whatever is going on with him, I hope he gets his act together and finds a way to make a comeback.

But in order to make a comeback, there has to be a fall from grace first. Miller is clearly at a low point in his life and the best thing for him now is to receive some help and this could lead to a path for redemption. I hope it all works out for him, but bottom line is, Warner Bros. needs to take action. I still want to see the Flash movie, but I am curious to see what they do with it. Only time will tell.

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