Is Mugatu Will Ferrell’s Best Character of All-Time?

Is Mugatu Will Ferrell’s Best Character of All-Time?

Mugatu was probably not Will Ferrell’s best role. That might seem like a very simple and even dismissive statement, but let’s get honest about it. Will Farrell is a funny guy, there’s no denying this considering he’s been around so long and has done so much. But sometimes his roles do go a little over the top, which seems to be his niche a lot of the times, and kind of get a little muddled. In Zoolander his role as Mugatu is in fact quite funny, but is it his best? Not quite, but it’s close. With that being said, here’s a few other roles you might want to consider before deciding to argue against this point.

Here are a few of the standout roles of Will Ferrell throughout the years.

Frank the Tank

You know it! Frank the Tank is the married guy turned back into the party animal that just wants to live the rest of his life as the guy on campus who gets to see a different pair of panties as often as he’d like. That obviously doesn’t sit well with his wife, who soon divorces him, but it does endear him to a new generation of frat boys that take to his conversion with a zeal that is on par with the average college film.

Ron Burgundy

Truth time. I didn’t think much of Ron Burgundy when this film first came out. In the first fifteen minutes I was ready to shut the film off. But then the hilarity really ensued and I thought to give it another try. Ferrell seems best when he has a supporting cast around him to help bolster his act. Otherwise there are moments when he seems a bit flat or drawn out. In this film he’s absolutely clueless as a character and it works considering that those around him are either just as clueless or can’t help but be mesmerized by his idiocy. That’s a win all the way around.

Ricky Bobby

One thing I will keep saying about Will Farrell is that he knows how to keep going over the top, and over, and over, and over until you can’t help but laugh or turn the show off. It’s funny without a doubt, and the fact that he likes pairing up with John C. Reilly is even better considering that the two of them just seem to feed off of each other when it comes to comedy. Their brand might be a little bit of an acquired taste, but once you get a little it’s hard not to want more. Their attitude in this film is the type that a lot of people abhor in others, but it’s pushed to a degree that is so ridiculous you either have to laugh or change the channel because anything else just won’t work. Laughing is usually the best option, since things tend to get better. I’ll say this about Will Farrell, no matter how out there his characters get he knows how to bring them back to earth by the end of the film. That’s real talent.

That’s also why I won’t call Mugatu his best role ever. In truth it’s just as funny and ridiculous as any other role. Pinning Ferrell down for one role though seems kind of wrong, since he’s way too talented to be pigeon-holed in such a manner. So no, Mugatu is not the best role Will Farrell has ever done, but it is one of them.



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