Elliot Page Transgender Reveal in The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Elliot Page Transgender Reveal in The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Elliot Page

Gerard Way, of My Chemical Romance fame, created a comic book series called “The Umbrella Academy” that was picked up by Netflix some time ago to create a series and as years have passed, actors have gone through personal changes, and “The Umbrella Academy” Netflix rendition has seen some changes from its core material, as well as some other noteworthy information about “The Umbrella Academy”, has made the show the standout hit that it is. While most comic series last for years or even decades as a comic or graphic novel before being converted into live-action media, the opposite was true for “Fight Club” sequels, or even animated. However, with the Netflix live-action “The Umbrella Academy” rendition one of the lead actors went through a transition in 2020 as Ellen Page renounced their birth name and came out to the world as transgender and a proper name change to Elliot Page, to much applause and support. Below, we’ve gone into detail on “The Umbrella Academy” as a comic, the Netflix rendition, the comic spinoff starring an unlikely hero, and the revolution of Viktor Hargreeves, on and off-screen, as Elliot Page recently announced that their character would also come out as transgender in Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy”.

The Umbrella Academy Comic

As stated above, the “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix was inspired by the “The Umbrella Academy” series of comics, which premiered the first issue in September 2007 and contained the contents of Volume One, which essentially was what the first season of the Netflix series was based on the most. However, as it was the first comic run to feature “The Umbrella Academy”, it was no surprise that the first volume of comics was the start of the series. While Netflix changed a few details from the comic to transmit to television, Gerard Way has been there every step of the way to approve it all and create the smoothest transition to screen possible while remaining interesting. In total, “The Umbrella Academy” comics have three complete volumes with one more en route, “The Sparrow Academy” which has been suspected as the basis for Season Three of Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy”, which we have discussed below. Overall, “The Umbrella Academy” comics don’t feature Vanya going through a transgender reveal to Viktor Hargreeves, but that may change as the events in the upcoming series covered by Netflix haven’t been completed yet, but as the actors that portrayed “The Umbrella Academy” characters are family to each other, Gerard Way, and Netflix, so it was only fitting to let Elliot Page create his own history with the revolution of Elliot Page to come out as transgender in Umbrella Academy Season 3 of Vanya into Viktor Hargreeves.

The Umbrella Academy Netflix Series

Originally, the series that evolved into what has become famous on Netflix was set to be a movie created with Universal but as time went on the series was born with Netflix instead and overall brought a more expansive story than a movie could ever tell. Season One of “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix featured plotlines from the first collection of comics from “The Umbrella Academy” such as the death of the man they called their father and the progression of their lives from that point while the second season of “Umbrella Academy” followed closely to Volume Two of “The Umbrella Academy” with the characters being separated in a time-displaced Dallas.

Elliot Page

In December of 2020, Elliot Page renounced their birth name and announced his transition as a gender non-binary transgender person, but at the time it was reported that nothing about “The Umbrella Academy” Vanya would change. However, two years later, all of Netflix, Gerard Way, and Umbrella Academy are a family that supports each other as shown by Elliot Page’s character transition to come out as transgender for Umbrella Academy Season 3, which will be seen in the show and may also be reflected in the comic, as it hasn’t released yet.

Viktor Hargreeves

Officially, again, although not seen in the comics or the show previously, but looking forward, with years since the last season, Elliot Page has announced that her new transitioned character would be Viktor Hargreeves, and while there is nothing but support from the community on Elliot Page to come out as transgender in “The Umbrella Academy” Season 3, going through the personalities of the characters it’s easy to assume that Reginal Hargreeves would be very unapproving, just based on how he had always treated The White Violin previously, and all of the other Hargreeves siblings, such as sending Luther to the Moon.

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