Raised by Wolves: “Control” Recap

Raised by Wolves: “Control” Recap

It would be great to say that battle lines have been drawn, but Raised by Wolves continues to be just as confusing as ever, even though clarity is starting to emerge as several characters are still evolving as the story moves along. The focus of the tale has continued to revolve around Mother and her continually changing moods as she’s gone from being the deadly Necromancer at the beginning of the story to the uncertain but optimistic individual that has seen her efforts to continue the human race be nearly shattered as all but one of her initial human children died off, and the last ‘child’ to come from her body was a strange, serpent-like creature that she believes is wildly misunderstood. The ongoing fight between the atheists and those of the Mithraic faith has been kept up, but in a peripheral manner as Marcus and his converts are willing to stand against the atheists, but don’t have the number to survive a pitched battle. Spoilers are coming as one might have guessed, so it might be prudent to head on over to HBO Max to catch up. 

As it’s already been noted, the serpent that Mother gave birth to is still locked up, but it’s continued to be a point of interest since many still believe that the creature is dangerous. Apart from this however is the realization that Mother’s need to protect her children has become even stronger as the Trust has decided not to back her entirely, as it has taken an action that many would consider reprehensible even though from a cold, practical standpoint it does make sense. Initially one has to remember that Paul’s mouse could not be returned to him since it was believed that allowing a species that was not native to the environment would be detrimental in some manner. Of course, this was a ruse as it was revealed that the mouse was engineered to deliver a bio-engineered threat that would be made airborne, where it could be truly dangerous. 

Campion, being a friend of Paul, and seeing that he’d been affected by this strange virus, went running to mother, but was chased by the young android, Vrille, who lets Campion go after one of Marcus’s converts follows her. Upon reaching the atheist camp, after seeing a glowing, golden being when cornered, Campion alerts Mother to the issue that befell Paul. Mother wastes no time in seeking out Paul with Campion’s help, but the confrontation with Marcus, who has no love for Mother, is nearly the end of the android, and it’s fair to say that the only reason Marcus is stopped has to do with Campion using his sling to fire a rock at his head. It’s been seen throughout season one and now season two that Campion has become a little more aggressive throughout the show, and despite not liking violence, he is learning when to use it and how. As for Marcus, his devotion to Sol has made him unpredictable, and his continued deceit has made him even more dangerous, but as of now, it feels that he’s been declawed in a way, since the eyes that used to belong to the Necromancer, which were jammed down his throat in season one, were drawn out by Mother after she gained the upper hand on Marcus. 

For whatever reason, Mother didn’t kill Marcus outright after reclaiming her eyes, but she did retrieve Paul before returning to the atheists as she sought a cure that could bring Paul back, that could cure him of the strange black bumps that adorned his body. It was a bit of a shock to her when the Trust stated that there was no cure, that there was no way to heal him. Mother, who had already used her Necromancer ability to finally get the Trust to tell the atheists that surrender is preferable to destruction. But the Trust didn’t count on Mother wanting a cure to the virus that it unleashed on the followers of Sol, and it likely didn’t count on Mother’s irrational reaction as she’s become all about taking care of her children while still wishing to care for the humans, something the Trust believes is not possible since the two points of view cannot exist together. 

In what could be called a shocking move, Mother melts the area under which the Trust’s control/power nodes are kept. Removing each of the three nodes she finds, Mother essentially shuts the Trust off, but the result is that the atheists want nothing more to do with a machine that seeks to lead them. Despite promising to give up the mantle of leadership to a worthy successor, Mother finds that very few humans want to listen to her. In the meantime, Father’s project has gone missing as the liquid he coated it in finally allowed the android to come to life. As Father laments the loss of the project, a golden glow comes from beyond the door of his workshop. When he steps outside to see what the glow was all about, it would appear that his circuits were close to overloading, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. 

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