The Green Lantern Series is Only One Point of Confusion in the DCU

James Gunn Green Lantern Comics.

Credit: DC Comics.

It does sound as though there’s still a large amount of confusion that’s ripping through the DCU at this time, and it’s easy to think that it was bound to happen. James Gunn and Peter Safran were expecting this, apparently, which shows that they have enough foresight to know that their personal touch upon the remade DCU was going to be met with some blowback, but at the moment, it would appear that plenty of people are doing their best to make their displeasure known. Beyond the noise and clamoring of those who wanted to see the DCEU continue to plod along, however, it sounds as though Gunn and Safran are moving ahead with a few ideas while others continue to be pushed to the back and possibly forgotten. The new Shazam movie will still be coming, as will the next Aquaman movie, but Wonder Woman and Man of Steel won’t be seeing their next sequels since that’s not a part of the plan. What does appear to be a part of the plan is a Green Lantern series, and likely a movie that will be headed to the big screen eventually in order to make this idea finally take hold. 

James Gunn Green Lantern Featured .

Credit: DC Comics.

It sounds like the series will be dealing with multiple characters. 

Bringing in the Green Lantern Corps sounds like a great idea since many people have worn the ring and have done their duty as Lanterns over the years, but it also sounds like something that’s going to require a great deal of planning to pull off. There have been a few individuals cast for various roles at this time, but it sounds as though this might be even more impressive than anything that’s been seen before. The bar has been set incredibly low for the arrival of Green Lantern since the one big-screen movie that’s come along in the past was considered to be a disaster by a lot of people. But bringing multiple actors into the series might be difficult to manage unless there’s a solid story to work from. At this time, there aren’t a lot of details to be had about this project, but one can imagine that a lot of people are going to be watching carefully in order to make certain that they can get behind this project or move away from it depending on how things turn out. 

Green Lantern was planned in the DCEU for some time. 

There was word of one or two Green Lantern projects that were coming down the pipeline for a while, but a lot of people were taking this with a big grain of salt since this hero wasn’t given a great entrance to begin with. At one point, there was supposed to be a Green Lantern appearance in the Justice League, but that was taken out obviously and replaced with something else. It’s odd to think that this hero has been such a big part of the Justice League for so long that people have remembered him for years, but he wasn’t considered to be one of those that needed to be added to the movie. 

James Gunn Green Lantern Reynolds

Credit: Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds’ movie will not be considered canon. 

This is something that has a lot of people breathing a sigh of relief and others remaining kind of indifferent since the fact is that this movie didn’t perform that well and a lot of DC fans believed that it was one of the worst in the DCEU stable. Leaving it behind sounds as though it was the plan in the first place since even Reynolds has made it clear that he can laugh at it now and say he’s sorry. But this leaves a lot of people wondering what the next Green Lantern is going to look like, how effective they’re going to be, and if they’ll be any more acceptable than the version that was already presented. As mentioned, the bar is rather low, and fans have been wanting to see something come along that can be redemptive for this character, but at the same time, it’s fair to say that Gunn, with his reputation, will do his best to find those that can and will create the best stories possible. 

Gunn and Safran do have a plan for the DCU. 

While a lot of people are still up in the air concerning what will happen with the DCU, there are some people that are coming to terms with the fact that Gunn and Safran might know exactly what they’re doing and will bring the DC experience back in a very profound way. With Gunn’s background, it’s fair to state that things should be able to head in a successful manner, and with Safran helping, it does sound as though the DCU could find its way back to prominence. 

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