Whatever Happened to Chad Johnson From The Bachelorette?

Whatever Happened to Chad Johnson From The Bachelorette?

Whatever Happened to Chad Johnson From The Bachelorette?

Born in Oklahoma in 1987, Chad Johnson served as a US Marine before abandoning the forces for a shot at reality TV show stardom. America’s first taste of Chad came courtesy of the 12th season of hit reality dating show, The Bachelorette. Thanks to some of his controversial onscreen antics, Chad’s won the status of season “villain”, achieving infamy among the show’s fans as “Bad Chad”. After failing to win the affections of the show’s leading lady, Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher, Chad tried to improve his romantic fortunes with a turn on The Bachelor in Paradise. However, his appearance was bought to an abrupt end when he was thrown off the show during the first episode. Producers blamed his “belligerent” and “aggressive” behavior for the removal.

After his less than auspicious start in reality TV, Chad could have been forgiven for turning his back on the genre completely. However, he’s forged ahead, carving out a reality TV career via his many appearances on both UK and US TV. Let’s take a look at what Chad has been up to in the years since The Bachelor.

Famously Single

Ever in pursuit of finding his dream partner, Chad’s first TV appearance after The Bachelor came courtesy of short-lived reality dating show, Famously Single. The show’s premise revolved around helping celebrities get to the root of their relationship problems. Arguably, this allowed Chad to show a softer side of himself, wining himself a place in the hearts of viewers in the process. However, his date on the show, Dancing with The Stars’ Karina Smirnoff, was less than enamored, branding the lovelorn Chad as “self-absorbed”.

Celebrity Big Brother

Not content with restricting himself to US reality shows, 2017 saw Chad try his luck across the pond, with a starting spot on the twentieth season of Celerity Big Brother UK. Chad courted controversy on the show when his relationship with Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding, got a little too close for comfort, culminating in an a very intimate onscreen kiss. As Sarah was believed to be in an off- screen relationship at the time, the pair’s blossoming relationship sparked a good deal of tabloid speculation and gossip across the UK. Despite the rumors, Chad fared well on the show, ultimately landing 5th place after claiming a spot in the covered final.

Ex on the Beach

In 2018, Chad once again dipped his toes into the murky waters of reality TV, this time with an appearance on the second season of MTV’s Ex on the Beach. Premiering in December 2018, the show features a roundup of reality stars living together with their ex’s in California. Along with Chad, the all-star cast features ex-Teen Mom, Farah Abraham, and a roundup of former Big Brother contestants, including Corey Brooks, Morgan Willett and Monte Massongill, Chad’s ex- girlfriend, Madeline Sullivan, also appears on the show.

Romantic Interests

In January 2019, eagle- eyed paparazzi sparked rumors of a fling between Chad and fellow reality TV star, Kendra Wilkinson, after the pair were photographed holding hands. While Chad neither confirmed nor denied a relationship, sources claim the pair were “just having fun” and that the relationship was “nothing serious”. With rumors of a TV show featuring the two in the making, it seems the relationship may always have been more professional than romantic. February 2019 saw a new romance in the cards, this time between Chad and Caitlin Clemmens. Coincidentally, Caitlin features as a contestant on this year’s season of The Bachelor, making this a potential reality TV Show match made in heaven.

Life behind the Lens

Although we know him best for his work in front of the camera, Chad has also been busy carving out a career behind the lens. In August 2018, Chad told reporters on The Blast that he was shooting and co-executive producing a TV pilot. Although the details of the series were kept vague, Chad did reveal the series, entitled “He’s with Me”, had been created by Melrose Place writer, Bruce Bellocch, and would feature Chad guest-starring as himself. At the time of writing, the pilot has yet to air.

The future?

What’s next for Chad is yet to be seen. The clock may be ticking on his 15 minutes of fame, but with new reality TV shows popping up on an almost daily basis, it’s fair to say we haven’t seen the last of Chad Johnson just yet.

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