Here’s Why Bella Thorne Made an Adult Movie

Here’s Why Bella Thorne Made an Adult Movie

Here’s Why Bella Thorne Made an Adult Movie

Just so people can keep things clear and not lose their heads, Bella Thorne DIRECTED an adult movie, she didn’t star in it. You can imagine the headlines if the opposite was true since as a society it’s still pretty common to look at pornstars in a much different light than traditional actors for several reasons. The mere fact that Bella decided to ally with PornHub, a very well known site for adult entertainment, to direct Her & Him was enough to send some people into a mild frenzy wondering just what she was thinking. In truth it’s no one’s business since according to Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb this is something that she’s been wanting to do for a while now. But given that she’s had a fairly innocent reputation up until this it’s kind of hard for some people to really get on board with. The line between pornography and traditional film isn’t fine or hard to see, it’s like a big, fat black line drawn with the world’s biggest Sharpie and tends to be very discriminatory. There have been a few people that have made the jump from pornography to the mainstream, but not that many to be honest.

In some ways having a background in pornography seems to leave a mark on a person, or at least their record, that some executives and studios don’t want to be associated with. It doesn’t seem entirely fair to be honest since some people might actually want to break from the adult industry and find their way into actual cinema. As progressive and as liberal as Hollywood likes to think it is a lot of people in the industry would still gladly talk down the inclusion of adult film stars among their ranks until such individuals could prove that they have a great deal of acting talent that can back up their desire to be taken seriously. George Wales of GamesRadar actually has a list of a few people that tried to make their way into the Hollywood crowd, though if you don’t recognize a lot of them don’t be too surprised. In a big way it doesn’t matter if a person has the nicest body in the world, once it’s exposed a lot of people will take to judging them for going fully nude and will seek to either deny them further work or attach a stigma to that person that’s hard to get rid of. There have been some mainstream stars that have exposed themselves either in a movie or in the media somehow and as they can attest that kind of thing is hard to shake. Directing a PornHub movie might be a little different, meaning Thorne might actually be able to avoid that kind of stigma for the most part, but given that she’s proud of it and backs it up with her own belief that it meant something more than the skin value, it could be that people might talk for a little while.

The whole idea of thinking that an adult film can be deep isn’t an alien thought, but given that the ultimate goal is to create something that people are going to be plucking off a porn site it’s easy to see how some folks would take a dim view. After all, even Bella would have to admit that people are looking at porn sites for reasons that tend to have little to do with a desire to see a great story or the kind of acting that might win an Oscar. The people that visit PornHub are typically looking for movies that will allow them to relieve the kind of pressure that tends to build up from time to time, they’re not normally seeking something that will make them think about life and what it means to them. The fact that she looks at the more cinematic side of this might suggest to some that she’s trying to revolutionize the adult industry, while to others it might mean that she’s kind of out of her depth. All reports thus far however have stated that she’s done quite well and is gaining a firm understanding of what it takes to sit in the director’s chair.

Another fact is that after being a Disney kid a lot of people, as they grow up, seem to be given a great deal of expectation when it comes to what they’ll do with their lives. Miley Cyrus is another good example of this since she was a product of Disney as well, and a lot of us have heard the controversies she’s stirred by being herself and doing what she wants. Regardless of all that any person would be wiser to remember that as a person gets older their interests are going to change and the direction their life is going in will no doubt be something that they feel is the right course, and will not reflect much of what they did when they were younger. Jessica Rawden of CinemaBlend takes this a little deeper as she gets into the real reason why Bella went this route. Remember, it’s their life, and they get to make the decisions.

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