10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dibesh Pokharel AKA Arthur Gunn

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dibesh Pokharel AKA Arthur Gunn

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dibesh Pokharel AKA Arthur Gunn

Dibesh Pokharel is a new face to many, but he is making a big impression with his music. He is a contestant on the popular television show “American Idol.” Most contestants bring with them interesting life stories, but we found his story to be of particular interest. In an attempt to learn more about the talented young hopeful, we looked a little further into his life and found 10 things that you probably didn’t know about him.

1. Pokharel is from Nepal

Dibesh was living at his current home in Wichita, Kansas. The 21-year-old singer has been residing there for the last 5 years, but this isn’t the city of his birth. He was born in Nepal and his home city is Kathmandu. This is where he grew up and he has fond memories of his upbringing. He loves the beauty of the country with all its hills and mountains, but especially, the warm and friendly people.

2. He is humble

Dibesh made a beautiful post thanking everyone who supported him, and who continue to give him encouragement in the competition. He shared that he was overwhelmed by the number of people who send him warms and love. He acknowledged that music brings us all together. He doesn’t take anyone for granted and he is quick to respond when he is shown a kindness.

3. His mother helped give him a start in music

Pokharel’s family is not really musically inclined, but he has shown potential since he was a young child. He loved music and he was born with a natural talent. His mother realized that and she gave him his very first guitar. Dibesh heard songs on the radio and began to sing along with them. He dreamed of having a career in music.

4. He moved to the land of opportunity

Dibesh completed high school and then packed his belongings to pursue his life’s passion. He has a dream of becoming a professional musician and he realized that the best place to make that happen is in America. He didn’t waste any time relocating to the US. He ended up in Wichita, Kansas where he was exposed to country and bluegrass music. There were new genres to him and he fell in love with the style. He shared that he felt a magnetic pull towards these kinds of music. A whole new world has opened up for him.

5. He achieved instant success on “American Idol”

Dibesh made a wise decision when he auditioned for “American Idol.” He found a degree of instant success when he blew the judges away with his first song. They saw something special in him and requested a second song. This sealed their initial inkling that he has the potential to go all the way in the contest. He was so good that he was given a golden ticket to advance towards the finals. We may be seeing the next winner of the competition in him.

6. He is a singer and songwriter

Dibesh is a double threat to the other Idol contestants because he is not only an amazing singer he is also a very talented songwriter. He can create original works. He is a creative artist who has also adopted the stage name, Arthur Gunn. This may be a bit catchier and it is easier for most people to pronounce.

7. He performed as a singer in Nepal

Gunn has had music in his soul most of his life. This is something that a true musician simply cannot contain. So driven by his passion, he did find a few outlets when he was still in Nepal. He sang for friends’ gatherings and the also performed in some pubs and coffee houses where he found an audience. He has only been singing for other people for six years, but his voice comes across as that of a seasoned professional singer.

8. Gunn has released his first album

Adam Gunn, as he is known by on stage, released his debut album in the summer of 2018. It is a collection of eight songs that he has written himself. This is a big accomplishment for a rising new star that has only been performing his singing for six years. He is off to a great start so far. A win on “American Idol” would definitely give him a boost in his musical career, but even if he isn’t chosen for the number one spot, he has still gained valuable experience and exposure. With the talent that this young man has, we don’t think he will have any trouble signing a record deal with a label.

9. Adam Gunn has a YouTube channel

This artist isn’t wasting any time in getting his music out to the masses. We’re impressed with his drive and initiative. He is doing everything in his power to promote the music and “American Idol” is just one of his strategies. The innovative young musician has his own YouTube channel and at last glance, he has had over 23,000 views on the site. The first track of the album that he released has gotten over 63,000 views. Now that he is getting exposure for being an Idol contestant we expect those numbers to steadily rise.

10. He was invited by judges to audition in person

Gunn followed the same application processes that most other “American Idol” hopefuls do. He submitted his initial audition online the previous year and then waited with everyone else to hear back. Imagine how excited he was when the judges responded with an invitation to attend the in-person auditions that were held in Wichita. He admitted that he was a little nervous, but Adam has a lot of confidence in himself and in his music and this has helped to offset any nerves. He knows that he can do it and this will help him to deliver his best performances as the competition progresses.

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