It Looks Like Disney is Completely Cutting off Scarlett Johansson

It Looks Like Disney is Completely Cutting off Scarlett Johansson

It Looks Like Disney is Completely Cutting off Scarlett Johansson

It’s a little tough to know which side to come down on here since on one hand, Disney has proven that they can be utterly ruthless and even childish when it comes to getting what they want and making certain that others are ‘put in their place’ when they can get away with it. On the other hand, Scarlett Johansson arguing for essentially what comes down to more money is hard to argue for since the woman is already rich and famous and could possibly let something slide when it comes to the streaming aspect of Black Widow and not bat an eye. The same could be said of a lot of people that starred in the movie who apparently had the same deal she did. But honoring a contract is a smarter move than suddenly switching things around, and it does sound as though this is what Disney was trying to do. The entire idea of an insanely rich corporation fighting with one of its insanely rich actors is something that tends to draw people in like flies to a bug zapper, nothing good ever comes of it. People will do what they do and draw their own conclusions and either end up siding with Scarjo or stating that if she doesn’t like it she can hit the bricks, which is apparently what Disney is telling her to do.

One could look at this as a childish move on the part of Disney or as a power play in which the Mouse House is simply telling Scarlett that if she doesn’t want to play nice, she doesn’t need to play at all. That’s a simplified version of things of course, and Disney isn’t exactly in the right this time if they were in fact bound to take this movie to streaming no matter what they said. One thing about this is that Black Widow had been delayed so many times that it was past time to finally put it on A screen, not just the big screen. People were getting to the point that they were starting to wonder if they would ever get to see the movie, and in truth, some were wishing that it would have come to Disney+ a lot sooner since it would have met with a much more enthusiastic reception.

But for Scarlett to complain over her earnings and those of her costars in relation to the big screen appearance and what was seen on Disney+ feels a little asinine since people loved the movie and were willing to pay. Those who went to the theater did so because of the movie and the idea that they finally got to sit in the theater to watch it and to be fair, the Black Widow movie didn’t exactly warrant that kind of enthusiasm. It was a fun action movie to be certain, but it wasn’t quite as glorious as people were hoping, likely because their expectations were already through the roof and holding, and, well, the movie kind of took those and cut the legs out from beneath a lot of people. In other words, Scarlett and her fellow cast members should be pretty grateful for the fact that fans hung on so long and still wanted to see this long-overdue movie. It was fun and it was entertaining, but it wasn’t blockbuster material, so slow your roll, Scarlett.

As for Disney, well, it’s yet to be seen what’s really going to stop this corporation from simply rolling over anyone and everyone it wants, but it’s a hope that something will hit the Mouse House where it hurts eventually since there comes a time when big corporations need to learn that they’re not beyond reproach when they step out of line. This is a hard situation to gauge when it comes to who needs to step off first, but it almost feels as though both parties need to take one big step back and realize what they’re fighting for, which again, is money. Scarlett has plenty of it and yet being stiffed by an employer is never a good feeling or a good way to keep a business relationship strong. Disney has more money than it knows what to do with and has become, in the eyes of many, an uncaring juggernaut wearing a smiling mask to let people know that they care, so long as no one looks past the disguise.

Hopefully the mess will get sorted out soon since it’s one of the many irritating bits of news that a lot of people tend to roll their eyes at as they wonder how in the world someone with Scarjo’s money can look at themselves in the mirror while arguing that she needs her money. It’s also just as ridiculous to think of how Disney thinks that switching things around so often won’t come with massive repercussions. Seriously, if people don’t want the headache it’s better to walk away from this one. Black Widow

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