New DC Slate: James Gunn Teasers Excite Fans

New DC Slate

Credit: @Jamesgunn

As it stands, 2023 already promises to be an excellent year filled with excitement. We don’t mean the resolutions. We mean a thrill for all DC fans. In a tweet, James Gunn released an update as regards what to expect from the new DC slate. A lot of new updates will roll in the next couple of years. This teaser update was met with mixed reactions on the details, especially with the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3.

In the tweet, he said – “Peter and 1 have a slate ready to go. We couldn’t be more over the moon about it. We will be excited to share some information about the first project at the beginning of the year.”

DC Studios New Slate Set for 2023

All DC fans worldwide have had their eyes and ears out for something new and exciting from DC studios. Finally, Gunn and Safran are ready to deliver just that much excitement. The update lets us know this has been in the works for quite some time. The CEOs are more than excited to show it to the world.

The DC community is well saturated with different interests and favorites. DC studios have characters that appeal to individuals and communities. However, while the creativity invested in these characters is worthy of note, their expression thus far could be better. Quite a few people agree that over the past years, DC has been underperforming in the quality of projects. The releases were alright, but they could have been better for DC comics.

Gunn and Safran took on their roles as co-CEO of DC studios. They have plans in place to bring on a new mind-blowing season. The next couple of years for DC will be collaboration and creativity. Work is in progress to create and bring to life what Gunn described as an “integrated multilayer universe.”

What Does This New DC Slate Mean for DC Studios?

We know that Gunn’s slate is ready to go; however, we need to know its contents. Just like their projects, even the tweet did drop hints of what was to come. In a thread, Gunn emphasized the rise of a new dawn where each character receives an optimum expression. Superman is one of the few names revealed. Check out the original tweet here.

In a joint statement, the CEOs expressed their thrill to work on characters that built and shaped their childhood. They further revealed that they would be working with some of the most talented actors, creative writers, and directors as they cause a massive wave in the global theatrical experience with some of the grandest, most powerful, most intriguing stories ever told!

What Does the Future of Dc Studios Hold for Superman?

New DC Slate

Credit: DC Studio

DC studios are very much known for how much they invest in creating the perfect characters. A lot of work goes into ensuring these characters have an individual expression, yet relatable to the everyday fan. It is very well known; Superman is one of the most popular, successful characters from the dc studios.

Some might say the prime years of Superman seem like it is fading away. Gunn and his partner plan to reignite the flames with their new update. From what we know, Superman is one of the projects on the slate. Gunn promises to bring a new perspective on the character. The update revealed it as a movie dives into the earlier parts of the character’s life.

Will Henry Cavill Be Playing Superman According to The New DC Slate?

James Gunn

Credit: @Jamesgunn


A dive into the earlier part of the character’s life raised questions about the actor. Will DC engage a new actor? Or will we have Henry Cavill? The fan favorite, Henry Cavill, who also played Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes, recently announced his withdrawal from “The Witcher” series. He later revealed that he left the series as he will be back playing Superman with DC.

Gunn, however, clarified that Henry Cavill would not play the superman backstory written by him. Many fans are not so happy to hear this. It is logical, as an early life backstory would require a new actor. So as not to defeat the purpose of the dive back in time.

According to Gunn, when you consider the new scope of the movie, several things will have to change, including the leading actor. The co-CEO, however, did double up with the fact that the new dc slate still features projects where Henry Cavill might pop up from time to time as Superman.

He told us that a conversation ensued between him and Henry Cavil about the said movie, and they discussed several intriguing possibilities and future projects.

Henry Cavill Will Not Be Returning as Superman.

Following the recent turn of events, Cavill himself confirmed that he will, at the end of the day, not be returning as Superman. He stated that the news is not the easiest, especially since his announcement came at DC studios’ request before hiring in October. Cavill did, however, appreciate all those who have been by his side. Additionally, he emphasized that whether he plays it or not, Superman is still here with all he stands for.

What The Future Holds for DC Studios

While DC is known for stellar characters and fantastic series, they have yet to meet the expectancy levels where movies are concerned. Yes, they have released some perfect movies, but they are yet to utilize and give fans an experience to remember fully. However, with the new changes and plans put in place, we can expect that there will be a change positively for DC studios and all their fans.

While this news is not the best, especially for DC fans who have gotten used to Henry Cavill, it points us in a more significant direction. We know that dc studios have plans to bring about a new dawn of possibilities. All fans and non-fans cannot wait to see what DC has in store for us.

Final Thoughts

We can look forward to some fascinating releases by DC Studios this new season. Following the teaser tweet, there is a high expectancy for the lineup and complementary details to the thriller. While we hope to see Henry Cavill play Superman again sometime in the future, we look forward to the new insights on Superman coming straight from DC studios.

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