Yes, Green Lantern Will be Vital to the DCU


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Fans will no doubt be happy to know that the Green Lantern is going to factor into the DCU, as co-CEO James Gunn has announced, but how that’s going to happen at the moment isn’t certain. There have been a few ideas that have been floating around for a while and were being prepped to become a reality, but as of now, it’s hard to figure out which ideas will be pushed to the forefront since it sounds as though a couple of movie ideas were being pushed, such as the Green Lantern movie which would show John Stewart take on the role, while another would have pushed the Green Lantern Corps onto the big screen. There was even a TV show that was going to be made as well, but as the DCEU continued to spiral, it was obvious that things were starting to become a tad bit tangled. Now that Gunn and Peter Safran are in charge, it’s been announced that things are going to change a bit, but Green Lantern will be kept around. It even sounds as though he’ll take on a new level of importance, but how that will affect the DCU is uncertain as of yet, which is par for the course at the moment. 

Credit: DC Comics

James Gunn has made it known that the DCU will distance itself from the Ryan Reynolds movie. 

People can argue all day over whether Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie was worth the effort, especially since even Reynolds managed to find the humor in saying that it was horrible. But the agreement of many appears to be that the movie will be an ‘oops’ that will be shoved into the background of DC history along with much of the DCEU, as many things are changing at this time. Bringing in Green Lantern again, though, might instill the hope that his story will be given a great deal of attention and that the details will become far more important than they were the first time around. Given that this is one of DC’s oldest heroes, it’s fair to assume that he should be given a little more respect. 

Hearing that Green Lantern will be more important leaves people wondering which one of them will be given prominence. 

Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, etc., have all proven to be great Lanterns in their own way, but bringing more than one in at a time does feel as though it should be given over to a movie like the Green Lantern Corps that was on the table for a while, or for another movie that might make good use of all of them after the initial movie has been released. Even a TV series might be favorable to this type of development since it could use multiple episodes to bring in one GL after another in order to show how expansive the group is and how each one of them serves a distinctive purpose. Theorizing too much at this point could be a mistake since a lot of fans would no doubt make a long and arduous wish list of what they would like to see, and it would likely be regarded by Gunn and Safran, and then dismissed since it’s easy to think that they have their own ideas in mind when it comes to the character and his development. 

Credit: DC Comics

It would be interesting to see an ensemble movie that could utilize the Green Lantern Corps. 

Such an idea might be seen as a blatant attempt to copy the Infinity Saga, but to be fair, there are many ways that this could be done without being seen as too similar to the MCU’s epic ensemble movies since DC and Marvel are still quite different. Who knows, the DCU could decide to bring in the Anti-Monitor and cause a truly horrible fate to befall the gathered universes since the truth is that this character is far more destructive than Thanos could hope to be.  Keeping the Green Lantern Corps as the main character of their own movie would be necessary, but it does sound inspiring. 

Moving forward, it does feel that Green Lantern will be utilized with greater efficiency or will at least be more visible. 

This is how it should be, as many fans might agree, since Green Lantern has been around, technically, since 1940, while Hal Jordan has been around since the late 50s. That kind of tenure needs to be recognized, and it would appear that Gunn and Safran are going to make certain that this happens, along with the introduction of several other DC characters. Right now, it feels as though the effect that’s been created by shaking up the DCU is a bit unnerving to many people, but it already sounds as though the co-CEOs are setting things in motion that fans will appreciate. 

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