Why John Stewart Can Be The New Leader Of Justice League

Why John Stewart Can Be The New Leader Of Justice League

Why John Stewart Can Be The New Leader Of Justice League

Are you DC fans still waiting on that Green Lantern Corps movie? If you are, wouldn’t it be nice to see John Stewart finally get his live-action debut in the DC Cinematic Universe? You know, because Hal Jordan already had his chance and it didn’t go so well. But that doesn’t matter, because Ryan Reynolds makes fun of it enough in the Deadpool movies. Honestly, the failure of the 2011 Green Lantern movie shouldn’t deter DC from bringing back Hal Jordan into the fray. But don’t worry, I doubt they’ll attempt another solo Green Lantern origin story. They are, however, pursuing that upcoming HBO Max series, which will apparently include all the famous Green Lanterns except for John Stewart and Hal Jordan. If that’s the case, then I’ll accept it, because that tells me DC is saving the two original Green Lanterns for the movie. You know, if that ever happens. Oh, please, please, please DC, make that movie happen soon. We DC fans really need the Green Lantern Corps to get some proper cinematic justice. If it starts with the HBO Max show, then more Green Lanterns can pop up in future DCEU movies.

So let’s just say the Green Lantern Corps movie doesn’t happen. Where would everybody’s favorite Green Lanterns appear in the DCEU? If not the show, then they must have major roles in a particular movie. The one I have in mind is a Justice League sequel. Okay, so I know a Justice League sequel is up in the air right now. If we do get one in the near-future, then I have a feeling Zack Snyder won’t be directing. That’s okay. We were lucky enough to get his cut of Justice League, but that might be all we get from him. If you want to know what else he had in mind for the sequels, just Google it. To be honest, I’d rather see another take on it that doesn’t involve Darkseid destroying the world. With the Flash movie coming later this year, we can expect many things to change in the DCEU. That might include a not-so little change-up in the Justice League’s roster. Based on what we’re hearing about the changes the Flash movie will make, certain characters could be replaced. The most notable, which I hope isn’t entirely true, is Superman and Batman. While Ben Affleck’s time as Batman is most likely done after the Flash, I really hope Henry Cavill comes back as Superman. And it’s also worth mentioning that Ray Fisher probably won’t be returning as Cyborg, unless he makes amends with some big wigs over at DC. That’s three significant Justice League members out of the band, so that means new recruits are needed to keep it going.

If that’s the case, then the Justice League is going to need John Stewart and Hal Jordan. In fact, I will argue that it needs John Stewart even more. And I’m going to make an even bigger case that he should actually serve as the new leader of the new Justice League. Hold on, but what about Wonder Woman? Yes, she was basically the co-leader alongside Batman, but I can make a case that John Stewart could be a more effective team leader. But why him and not Hal Jordan? I do think the latter would serve as a vital member to the Justice League, but he’s the opposite side of John Stewart’s coin. While Hal Jordan has more of a reckless and wild personality, John Stewart is a no-nonsense, disciplined soldier who fully believes in accountability, especially for those with great power. That is why he is so dedicated to the mission of the Green Lantern Corps. He believes in maintaining order and the law on Earth and in all parts of the galaxy. So does Hal Jordan, but he has a tendency to be more outspoken and putting himself at risk. That’s actually why I like him a tad more.

But if I had to point out why John Stewart can lead the Justice League better than Hal Jordan, I just have to point to the animated Justice League cartoon. In that series, Hal Jordan wasn’t the team’s Green Lantern. Not only was John Stewart the Green Lantern for the team, but many of the show’s episodes put him in the spotlight. And if you ask me, these episodes did an amazing job at developing his character. Just go on HBO Max and watch the In Blackest Night episode and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It was one of the show’s first episodes and it added so much depth to John Stewart. As the show went on, we got to see more of John Stewart taking charge of the team in the hardest of situations. Not only would he often lead them in battle, but he would give them direction off missions. Even before they battled the second line-up of the Injustice League, he would make them undergo a lot of training time, something Batman didn’t even want to participate in. It didn’t help at first, but in the end, his wisdom and military experience is what pushed the team to be better.

That is exactly what the new Justice League team will need in a sequel. While Wonder Woman has decades of fighting experience, she’s used to fighting alone. John Stewart, on the other hand, has an extensive background in the United States Marine Corps. To add more to his impressive background, he also had a civilian profession as an architect. This allowed him to have great focus on creating such powerful and creative constructs with the Green Lantern ring. With his leadership skills and creative mind, there’s a lot he can offer as leader for the Justice League. They’re going to need a leader with experience, as well as a tough drill sergeant to keep them at the top of their game. Sure, they probably won’t like it, but John Stewart will make them do it anyway. This is a leader who will push the team to their limit, but is capable of letting the mission cloud his judgement. That will set up for this no-nonsense Green Lantern to learn that his new team is not just some super-powered platoon, but a family. This is some development I’d love to see in a Justice League sequel and it’s a great way to bring the Green Lanterns in the DCEU. And let’s not forget, John Stewart is also DC’s second black superhero with the first being the Black Racer. How about it, DC fans? Who else wants to see this beloved character from the Justice League cartoons lead the DCEU Justice League? I know I do.Zack Snyder

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