Proof that Thor is a Jedi

Okay, stop laughing first, and then let’s get down to it since this is pretty funny and could prove, maybe, that Thor IS one of the MCU’s closest beings to a Jedi and that Banner is just jealous. The Force lightning is a great argument save for the fact that it would either make Thor on the same level as Yoda, which he might think he is, or it would make him a Sith lord since like it or not, the Sith are about the only ones that are often trained in Force lightning, though there have been Jedi that could harness and redirect it. If Thor could move more than Mjolnir by holding his hand out that might be impressive, but to be fair he can call Stormbreaker as well, so there’s that. But coming from a family of space wizards is kind of a valid claim since even though the Asgardian deities don’t call themselves wizards, they are capable of doing rather incredible things. In the comics, their power was even greater since Odin could lay the smackdown on Thor and he was one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.

It’s hard to tell if Loki would be a Sith or if he would be a dark Jedi since there is a difference. The Sith are fully pledged to their ideology and are bound to follow it to the end, where a dark Jedi might simply use the Force in ways that a Jedi wouldn’t approve of, such as a Force choke or lightning or something equally disruptive. Trying to see Loki as a Jedi definitely doesn’t work since he’s a little too troublesome for such an order, and it’s fair to think that he wouldn’t play well with others. Citing the two robot friends to say you’re a Jedi, yeah, not the best call, and neither is citing a star pilot that has an evil father, even though it’s a nice coincidence.

Citing Natalie Portman though, that’s a good point since it could be that the multiverse is already in full effect if we’re going down that route. But then again, Jane Foster will be showing her own MCU, Jedi-like powers eventually so hey, why not. Citing his homeworld blowing up is kind of crossing over into thin territory where the point kind of falls apart…no pun intended. In other words, it might be wise to call Thor and the other Asgardians with powers honorary MCU Jedi since they do fall under the same corporate umbrella these days, though thinking about what it would be like to see Thor take on another Jedi or a Sith would be kind of interesting. Of course, people would like to see matches such as Thor vs. Luke Skywalker, or Thor vs. Darth Vader, or Thor versus anyone that has tremendous power behind them. That’s usually how people think, take the individuals with the greatest power and thrust them together in order to see who would come out victorious. Well, it’s not likely to happen with the MCU and Star Wars since the two are extremely different universes and it’s more likely that we’d see The Fast and Furious actually crossover with Jurassic World as it’s been mentioned before we see Jedi and Asgardians trying to see who’s tougher.

As far as Thor being a Jedi, there are a lot of points for and against that line of thinking since it is tempting to just go ahead and say ‘of course’ when thinking that Thor exhibits powers and abilities that are similar enough to those of a Jedi. But in the long run, the two are very different in terms of power and their abilities, and it’s best to think that they’re better off being kept that way since it’s bound to happen that fans are going to take things into their own hands and argue over who’s tougher, who’s faster, who’s this and who’s that since this is what fans do. It’s interesting to see what people come up with sometimes, but at other times the arguments are enough for a good eye roll and head shake since there are plenty of people that take it too far and forget that we’re talking about fiction. It’s fun fiction, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s not worth getting angry over.

Thor has many different qualities than the Jedi do and vice versa since physically speaking, Thor is far more powerful than most Jedi since even with the Force there’s a limit to their personal strength and durability. Their Force push is the best that they really have against brute strength. Force suggestion might work on Thor, but it’s hard to say. The only really potent weapon would be a lightsaber, and it’s not certain how well this would work since Thor is a pretty tough individual. But all in all, it’s fun to think about.

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