Apparently Thanos Could Return

This might not sound feasible in the least bit since it would require a lot more time travel and a great deal of faith from the MCU faithful, but then again, bringing Thanos back might not be the worst idea ever created. There is the idea that maybe, just maybe, the multiverse could be the key to bringing out characters that people want to keep seeing in the MCU would be the best way to do this. It does feel like a bit of a cheat and an attempt at allowing lazy writing to be certain, but it does also allow for the chance to create a character that is more akin to the comic book version that people were hoping to see, since Thanos was, in the comics, an absolute terror that was meant to be nearly unbeatable. But it could also be that Thanos’s origin could be explored since it’s very likely that this could move into something else that might develop in the MCU at some point. His origin has been hinted at already in a couple of movies, but nothing has ever come of it. 

Such an oversight can easily be forgiven since Infinity War and Endgame took up a great deal of time setting the story and the overall action that would keep the people seated. But had Thanos’ origin been depicted in either movie it does feel that it would have taken away from the movie in a way that could have made the overall attempt stumble a bit. Bringing Thanos back at this point could be a huge disruption that the MCU might need, or it could be a great chance to look at what made the mad titan who he was before the Infinity Saga was ever conceived. One has to remember that Thanos is an Eternal with the Deviant gene, which is why he looks the way he does. But he’s been alive for much longer than many would think. It’s been confirmed by one of the Russo’s that Thanos is in fact at least 1,000 years old, so he’s been around for a while

Because of this, it might be interesting to figure out what happened during the upbringing that turned him into the being he would come to be. A lot of people might think that they can guess what happened, but seeing it on the big screen might make a big difference in how people think about the purple-skinned villain. Some people already think that Thanos was right since it’s been seen on discussion boards and in actual MCU shows. But going back and discovering how this character came to be would be intriguing enough to give the go-ahead to such a project. It would also be fun to see what might happen if the multiverse gave way to another Thanos, especially if this version happened to be a little more power-hungry and wasn’t quite as inclined to think of balancing the universe. If a variant Thanos was seen to make his way into the MCU it would be a big hope that this one would be the type to worship death and perhaps even help to further the idea of bringing Mephisto into the franchise. The red-skinned devil has been hinted at more than once, but as of yet, he hasn’t been added into the picture. 

But bringing Thanos back into the MCU would be the kind of move that might irk a lot of people as some would continue the debate that death doesn’t mean much in the MCU. To be fair, this is something that people should have already figured out since the Marvel universe has never been great at letting go of some of its more favored characters. The fact that Gamora is still around after Endgame is a good example of this, and the rumors of Iron Man coming back somehow makes it even more evident that death is not a permanent thing in the Marvel universe. Plus, Spider-Man: No Way Home is another way to determine that various characters will be able to come back. But if Thanos is allowed to come back, then it’s fair to say that he could be instrumental in whatever is going to happen in the MCU moving forward. But even a movie detailing his origins, it would still be fun to see what Thanos had managed to get up to in the past.

However it happens, or if it happens, the return of Thanos to the MCU could be an eventful time since the destruction of his army and the death of the mad titan was felt to be well-deserved after all he’d done, no matter who thought he was right. Bringing him back could lead to further adventures in which he might be involved though, and it’s easy to think that many people would be more than willing to watch this. 

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