Guy Tricks His Sister into Naming her Child after a Pokemon

Guy Tricks His Sister into Naming her Child after a Pokemon

There are worse things that could happen to be fair, but naming a kid after a rare Pokemon is, well, something that might need a little more thought before someone just goes ahead with it. Considering that Zacian is a rare Pokemon that has a pretty cool power and is definitely huge, it’s an odd name to start with, but even stranger to give a kid. One has to admit it’s a little exotic, but what’s really kind of strange is that this news went around the world in a flash, as it was picked up on Reddit and then transported across the internet without hesitation. Granted, it’s a funny story about naming a kid, but the kind of attention it’s getting kind of proves that people will do just about anything or pay attention to just about anything when they’re bored. One could say something about a grown man playing Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch, but seeing the hypocrisy that would be called out it’s best not to since plenty of folks still love acting like big kids at times, and anyway, who am I to judge?

It’s very easy to think that the mention of the word Zacian being claimed as Japanese for ‘sword’ managed to raise the hackles on a few people that take such things a little too seriously, but after everyone calms down it’s simple to realize that this might have been a funny bit of misinformation that wasn’t intended to be malicious or misleading. The mere idea of naming one’s child after a Pokemon, legendary or rare or not, is something that could and obviously has happened. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, some folks have names that aren’t common but are still kind of interesting like Cloud, Rain, and many other descriptive names that don’t always make a lot of sense but are intriguing enough to think about. And yes, I have known a Cloud and a Rain, in the same town no less.

This matter has definitely been given more attention than was needed since it sounds more like a charming family anecdote to tell people within the inner circle rather than to spread around willy-nilly. But then again, the wealth of information online is sometimes parsed into data such as this that people couldn’t help but share with the world. It’s interesting to think of the kind of stuff that people pick up and decide to give their full attention to since a lot of it is the kind of stuff that folks might sit around telling each other when they’re just chewing the fat so to speak or getting to know one another. Seriously, this is one of those stories that someone might tell when they’re sharing funny tales of family and kids that have to be experienced to believe. If people want to share then there’s nothing to stop them really, even if the story might be a bit mundane or too far out there for some folks. This particular tale isn’t something that would be much of a laugh for anyone outside of the family, or so one would think, but it would appear that plenty of people were willing to read the story and put their two cents in.

The kind of stuff that goes out over the internet is at times a bit confusing as to why it’s there, why anyone should care, and what in the world possessed someone to do what they did in the first place. But as I’ve said in the past, and likely many others have said it as well, it takes all kinds of people to run this world, and it takes all kinds of stories to make it work. Just because one story doesn’t do much for one person doesn’t mean it won’t do something for the next in line to hear or read it. Everyone has their different tastes in humor after all and it’s fair to state that if it’s not funny to one person it will be for the next. That’s kind of how people get by, especially when it comes to sharing things online. If a person worried about anyone liking their posts online or their explanations of how their kid now has the name of a Pokemon character, then a lot of people would never post a single thing.

It’s still kind of odd and awkward to be certain, but it’s also kind of amusing since it’s definitely a story that the family thought was worth telling and something that a lot of people on the internet felt was worth repeating a few times over. It’s bound to be strange to a lot of people what others will find enticing on the internet, but oh well, there’s something for everyone online most days.

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