5 Reasons Why Selena Has Moved on from Ex Justin Bieber after Hailey’s Confessions

Nothing creates a bigger buzz in our beloved gossip world like the end of a match we thought was made in heaven. That’s right; I’m talking about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. You must be wondering why we’re still even talking about it, but well, it was that much of a gossip hit. Talks of these past events have resurfaced following Hailey Bieber’s confessions in Call Her Daddy. The interview has been described as her most intimate to date because she takes time to finally talk about what went down between her, Justin, and Selena. It was a heart-opening interview that will put a lot of rumors and unknowns to rest.

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Almost ten years of being in a relationship is a long time, and some would say that getting over someone after such a long time of being intimate would be difficult. But after an album and what I’d say is a journey full of growth, here are five reasons Selena Gomez is completely over Justin Bieber.

1. Selena Gomez’s Message to Fans Following Hailey’s Interview

After Justin and Selena broke up in 2018, he married Hailey, which was a big shock to many. Most especially Selena’s die-hard fans. Rumors everywhere claimed that Hailey stole Justin from Selena, insinuating that the two were seeing each other before Justine completely broke things off with Selena. Well, all these rumors were put to rest by Hailey on September 28th, and Selena had a message of her own.

“Kill ’em with kindness,” a motto that has always been shared by the “Love You Like a Love Song” singer. Selena spoke out on September 29th after comments calling Hailey and Justin vile began. Her stand on people being kind to each other could not be portrayed in any stronger way as the singer said that any of her fans would embrace her motto and be kind to each other. Her message portrayed that the singer was happy for Hailey and Justine, and she was against any hateful comments about them. Was she moved on? Definitely.

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2. Letting It All Out in Her Album Rare

We all know that finally being able to talk about something is a huge step in healing and moving on. Well, this couldn’t be different for the sensation Selena Gomez. Following the release of her album Rare, the former actress could be vulnerable and share her truth in a method closest to her heart: music. The album signaled the close of a long and emotional chapter in her life, and she said that she couldn’t be any stronger after successfully going through some difficult times.

3. Selena Took Time to Mentally Heal

There’s nothing worse than quickly jumping into another relationship before one truly heals and is whole again. No one can honestly fill our gaps except ourselves, and Selena took this advice to heart. In an interview with Insider, she said it took her discipline, obedience, and strength to heal mentally, and as a fan, I couldn’t be happier for her. After prioritizing her mental health for the better part of 2019, the singer can now focus on her music and other prospects.

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4. She Now Knows What She Wants from a Man

Nothing is more attractive than knowing exactly what you want and going for it. After being single for about two years, Selena learned to be happy on her own, which I admit is difficult for some of us. Having achieved this, she definitely won’t be entering a relationship because she misses cuddles or being adored. It’s because it is what the music sensation wants. Selena admits to being a hopeless romantic and is not jaded or bitter by any experience she has had in the past. To her right now, love is still pure and beautiful, and she is not afraid of waiting for the right one, however long it takes. Selena just re-stole my heart! What kind of man does she like? Funny, not arrogant, playful, adventurous, down-to-earth, cool, and not show-offy. A list we all can relate with, I know. Who was Justin again?

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5. She Is Looking and Ready to Date Other People

Something we all love about Selena is her good sense of humor. She certainly never leaves it behind when she talks about her dating life. The singer, in May 2022, shared that she was very excited to host Saturday Night Live because she was single. Why, may you ask? Well, because she joked that it was the perfect place to find love. The beautiful singer has been spotted with a few people like Andrea Iervolino, an Italian film producer, and Nat Wolf. Seems like the starlet is fully embracing the motto “single and ready to mingle”.

Credit: @selenagomez


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