The Multiverse Unleashes Limitless Possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Multiverse Unleashes Limitless Possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Multiverse Unleashes Limitless Possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Unleashing the Multiverse: A Toothpaste Cap Analogy

Opening up the multiverse was like leaving the cap off the toothpaste and then piling a bunch of stuff on top of it. That might sound like an odd analogy, but it’s actually kind of accurate since now that the multiverse is wide open there’s no setting things back to what they used to be without a seriously concentrated effort that would involve every interested party working as one to make it happen. In other words, reversing everything that’s happened in the MCU at this point would require a complete overhaul, from start to present. Since this doesn’t appear to be the plan it’s safe to say that a lot of what Disney owns is likely to become canon, if they’re thinking straight, since the multiverse is going to be able to make this happen in a very big way. It’s entirely possible of course since even the mention of other dimensions and planes of existence should be able to stretch the imaginations of many in a very secure and feasible manner. But given what Disney managed to do with Lucasfilm when they had so much material to work with, it’s wise to think that they might ignore what they have in favor of what they want.

The Multiverse: A Double-Edged Sword

There are positives to this as well as negatives since one positive point is that the X-Men story was chewed up, rearranged, and then pushed to the masses in a way that started to make little to no sense thanks to the retconning and the serious issues with the timelines. But while the multiverse might be a seriously big MacGuffin at this point, it’s still something that can indicate that there are just as many worlds as there are choices and as a result, there are many different worlds that are unique but are just different enough that they might reflect the different choices made by various individuals. Of course, one would have to ask just how much Disney would want to keep as canon since there are a few movies that people are still convinced aren’t that great. While I’ve ragged on the Fantastic Four movies as much as anyone, their stories were a bit atrocious at times, but the effects in a couple of them were actually kind of cool at the time. But it’s still very easy to agree that the movies did mess up when it came to Doctor Doom, just as the X-Men movies didn’t make a lot of sense concerning the whole angle used with Magneto and Xavier and, well, everything else. The relationship between Wolverine and Sabertooth, which is still one of the greatest rivalries in comics, was definitely screwed up since making them biological brothers wasn’t a horrible idea, but putting them in a movie where they couldn’t shed blood was a waste of time despite the fact that the movie was made to be family-friendly. But the point here is that all of this could still be canon since the canon has expanded exponentially with the inclusion of the multiverse, and the fact that it’s branched off from the Sacred Timeline during the Loki series is even better since the number of stories and variants that have yet to be discovered will be plenty, and the stories will have a chance to continue in a number of different ways.

Marvel’s Future: A Multiverse of Possibilities

How the MCU will look after everything has been established and things have been decided is intriguing to think about since there are a lot of stories in the Marvel universe that are just waiting to be told. One can already guess that they’re going to pick and choose which ones are worth their time to develop, and which ones the audience might want to see, and by extension, it’s even easier to think that we’ll be getting the stories that have been the most popular and have seen the most fans. That could be inaccurate though, especially since Shang-Chi is a good example of the MCU picking a hero that has been underdeveloped and underappreciated for a while. It could happen that Marvel will surprise a lot of people and start taking on stories that will be more entertaining than people might think, but it would appear that the next round of superheroes will be those that are known to a greater number of fans. In the days to come though it’s fun to think that more and more stories could be coming from the MCU that might not have been possible if not for the multiverse. The opening of this element of the Marvel universe is something that leaves expectations at the door and opens the door wide for what’s still to come. A lot of people are no doubt hoping to see some of their favorite heroes and villains hit the screen eventually, and it could happen now if Disney decides to go all out.

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