Apparently The Eternals Will Be Returning

Apparently The Eternals Will Be Returning

Apparently The Eternals Will Be Returning

It sounds as though the Eternals will be showing up in the MCU again, but those that are dead are a big question mark so far since death is supposed to mean something in the MCU, but many are still holding their breath to make certain that this true. There is one character that reportedly won’t be making his way back, and that’s Ikaris since it would appear that his arc has been complete according to those in charge of the MCU. It’s easy to think that others won’t be headed back either since Ajak and Gilgamesh might not return unless the Celestials are about to make use of the World Forge to bring them back. But rumors are being passed around that Sersi might return and be a part of the Avengers moving forward. As far as the rest go it’s uncertain when and where we’ll see them, but the understanding is that they might pop up here and there as the MCU continues, perhaps becoming a part of various stories that will push the overall narrative forward. 

How they’ll be used is tough to say since if Sersi does end up interacting with the Avengers it could be that she’s bound to help prepare them for the arrival of the Celestials, which could be another big arc in the MCU. Given that the Arishem did mention that he would return and judge whether or not earth needs to be judged, it could be that the Celestials and the Eternals will play a sizeable role in the franchise moving forward. The way things were left after The Eternals does make it appear that there will be another movie based around an adventure to rescue those that were apprehended by Arishem, and might instigate a fight against the Celestials that could have dire consequences for the earth. 

That would be an interesting story to tell, but it’s also interesting to think that the Eternals that are bound to come back are going to be seen in other movies since it’s been established that even though they were charged with the growth of humanity while staying out of its wars and overall dealings, they were still highly influential when it came to the advancement of humanity. This hypocritical way of injecting the Eternals into the MCU is interesting since it brings up a host of issues that might be picked apart and turned into one story after another that might continue to shape the MCU in ways that might be contradictory, unless one factor in the fact of the multiverse, and how it can be used to play around with one story after another. That sounds awkward to say and in all honesty, it could become a serious issue when it comes to lazy storytelling, but if the multiverse is treated with enough respect and each story is told in a manner that compliments the rest of the MCU then it could work in a very big way. The Eternals have been around long enough to have seen civilizations rise and fall, and despite the edict, they’ve followed they have still been adamant about not doing anything other than what they’ve been charged with. 

But the fact that there was mention of the Eternals performing these same duties on other worlds in other universes, which means that there’s a long history to explore there, and a long history that connects them to the Deviants, the Celestials, and who knows how many other worlds and races that might curse them or hold them up as god-like in some ways. Injecting the Eternals into the MCU could be a great idea, or it could be a cancer that might unravel the franchise, but the former feels far more likely than the latter, especially if the return of the Eternals heralds something that could shake things up in a very big way. It does feel that Sersi is going to be the focal character when things begin to heat up again, as she’s the individual whose power was augmented enough to kill a Celestial. And since there’s a good idea that Tiamut’s inert form might become the next location for Avengers headquarters, as this is something that a lot of fans might want to see, it could be that earth’s heroes could go head to head with Arishem and the other Celestials. 

When they’ll return is hard to say since there’s so much going on at the moment in the franchise, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all if we don’t see the group return for a while. If they’re injected into other movies however it would be intriguing to see since it would make fans aware that they have been behind the scenes for a long time, and that there is a possibility that much of what is going on has been in some part due to their interference, or ‘guidance’. 

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