Celestials in the MCU are Huge Game Changers

Celestials in the MCU are Huge Game Changers

Celestials in the MCU are Huge Game Changers

That kind of feels like an understatement since the power of the Celestials has already been put on display in The Eternals and even just a bit in Guardians of the Galaxy, though what they can do was best described in The Eternals when the Emergence was discussed. One might think that the Celestials are akin to gods, and in a way, they are, but believe it or not, they aren’t the top of the cosmic food chain when it comes to the Marvel universe. There are plenty of beings that are more powerful or are at least on par with the Celestials, as Galactus has gone up against a couple of them before, as have other characters that have seen fit to stand against them. In a sense, the Celestials are all about creation, but as it’s already been seen, they use destruction as a means of creating new Celestials so that they in turn can create new galaxies and worlds that can be engineered in a number of ways. In some ways, they appear to be natural forces that are wise in ways that mortal beings don’t understand, but in others, they might be uncaring creators that do as their own nature dictates. 

One thing they represent in the MCU is power and the uncaring idea that they will do what they must to continue their race so that their race can continue to create other terrestrial creatures. The fact that they were the ones to create and unleash the Deviants upon one world after another is evidence that they think more of cause and effect than they do of right and wrong, as such concepts are apparently arbitrary to them until the death of one of their own comes into play, at which time morality, even if it’s shrouded in practicality, will come spilling forth. Realistically this makes the Celestials look like cosmic children that believe in the double standard that states that they can do as they please, but others can’t stand up to them because they don’t like it. 

The idea that their ways are unknown and misunderstood to those that can’t see the grand design is kind of amusing since this is a useful fallback method that tends to be used when one needs a way to explain why an individual or a group isn’t really a villain despite the fact that they’ve tricked and manipulated others into believing what they wanted them to. It would be kind of terrifying of the Celestials as proper villains since the power they hold is incredible and would be nothing short of devastating since Arishem made it clear in The Eternals that he’d seeded uncounted worlds with his kind that would create the Emergence on a large number of worlds so that his people could be ‘born’ and thereby create one universe after another. To think of how easily the Celestials might wipe out life on earth, or just wipe out the earth, is enough to make one glad there’s a multiverse. There are individuals and groups that can fight Celestials, but not a lot of them are much better since Knull, the creator of the symbiotes like Venom and Carnage, can take on a Celestial, as can Galactus. 

But the fact is that they’re game-changers since they act for the betterment of a universe in terms of creating new worlds so that life can continue. But the dictates of life and its continuance does mean that eventually, something has to end, which a lot of beings tend to have an issue with since they want the right to survive. The fact that the Celestials need a tremendous amount of energy to be born is unfortunate since it wipes out the world they’re seeded in once the population reaches a point where the energy levels are great enough for the Emergence. It’s a conundrum to be sure since the Celestials aren’t evil, but they’re not exactly good either. They’re just there to keep a certain balance within the universe and continue to propagate their own species just like anything else. How the MCU will end up using them in the years to come is hard to say since there are plenty of storylines involving the Celestials that could be rather interesting, not to mention worth following since they could lead to another big buildup like the Infinity Saga. 

But it is a big hope that we’re going to get to see other cosmic beings such as Galactus, the Silver Surfer, and many more since the inclusion of The Eternals and the Celestials means that the MCU has taken a big leap into a bigger pond. There’s a lot of material to work with, and more than a few stories that could be adapted, so it’s fair to state that in the years to come the MCU is only going to get more diverse and definitely dig deeper into the cosmos for more stories. 

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