Will Justice League 2 Even Happen?


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Right now, it looks like the answer to the commonly asked question of whether there will be a second Justice League movie is a resounding no, and it has a lot to do with the fact that the DCU is being retooled in a big way since James Gunn stepped up into a position of control. The only thing that can be reasoned at this moment is that the DCEU wasn’t going anywhere, and it was headed there fast, and Gunn and others decided to finally put a halt to it so that they could redo a great deal of the franchise and perhaps even start from scratch. Those who have watched Gunn’s contributions to the comic book genre are no doubt certain that he’ll be able to revive the DCU franchise and create something that they’ll fully enjoy, but at this point, it feels as though turning the franchise around and redoing parts of it rather than calling a general halt would have been a better idea. As far as the Justice League goes, it does feel as though the group needed to be given a hard look and a possible reboot since, between Whedon and Snyder, the League wasn’t going anywhere in a big hurry. 

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It’s uncertain if the same actors are going to be utilized if the Justice League does return. 

At the moment, it’s kind of uncertain if the same actors would be used to assemble the League once again since while Henry Cavill has just made his way back into the fold, Wonder Woman 3 has been shut down, and it’s been announced that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman isn’t going to continue as is. Then there’s the fact that Ezra Miller has been in trouble far too often in the past year or two, meaning that the actor might not be the best choice to represent this franchise. As far as Ray Fisher and Ben Affleck go, it’s easy to think that they might not be headed back to the franchise unless it’s worth their time. What this means, however, is that it’s very easy to wonder who would be cast into the roles that the League requires to work. 

One has to wonder if the DCU will focus on the JSA instead. 

Given that the JSA appeared in the Black Adam movie and finally introduced four more characters to the big screen, it does feel as though developing this team further might be higher on the list of things to do than bringing back the JL. The members that make up the League have been around for so long and have been the primary focus when it comes to the DCEU, so it might be that they’ll be allowed to rest or pushed to the back for a bit in order to highlight other heroes and villains for a while. That sounds as though it could be a less attractive development when it comes to the fans, but right now, there’s not a lot of confidence in saying who is going to be kept around and who will be pushed to the side to make way for whatever Gunn and others have in store for the DCU. 

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Maybe if the League does come back, they’ll be a more complete group this time around. 

That’s a big ‘if’ since bringing the League back could be a tough proposition, given that in the comics, the JL is comprised of several heroes and has grown over the years as more and more names have been added to the roster. Trying to make a movie out of a group that size is a little problematic since giving everyone the screen time they need and/or want isn’t exactly possible since the number of stars required to make the movie work would be tremendous. As of now, the movie made use of several great names, and the fans are still divided over what worked and what didn’t. It might take a while to restructure the League and make certain that whoever is selected is going to be embraced by the fans rather than seen as boring or unworthy. 

Trying to guess how much the DCU is going to change is kind of tough at the moment. 

There are big changes coming, there’s no doubt of that, but the fact to remember is that James Gunn is in charge at this time, and his track record is enough to hold out faith that things will turn out the way they need to. One can only imagine how things are going to play out in the months to come, but it does feel as though the DCU needed to be shaken up at this time since trying to come up with one idea after another to right the ship, so to speak, didn’t appear to be working. 

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