Warner Brothers Might Keep Ezra Miller as The Flash

Warner Brothers Might Keep Ezra Miller as The Flash
Warner Brothers Might Keep Ezra Miller as The Flash

Credit: The Flash

Warner Brothers might keep Ezra Miller as The Flash, which sounds controversial at the least. Many who are willing to stand up for Miller will claim that the actor needs another chance to show their worth. Some might say that Miller has openly apologized to those that hold their future in their hands. The bottom line is that it does continue to make the point that many celebrities are pampered beyond belief. 

Getting past that for the moment, Miller’s ability to stay on as the Flash is a further indication that not every role in the DCU will see a new actor step into the role. Henry Cavill is one of the only high-profile actors that has exited the DCU camp at this time. Unfortunately, he’s one of the most important of the bunch. In the meantime, keeping Miller is already sparking a great deal of controversy. 

As many likely know at this time, Miller has had legal troubles that have stemmed from their incessant need to get into trouble. Some have cited mental issues, and some have argued for leniency. But what is truly frustrating at this time is that Miller is still around. Without the issues that have come with them, Miller would remain a prime candidate for the part of the Flash. Their acting ability is not in question. Instead, it’s the idea of what other trouble they might get into. 

Warner Brothers Might Keep Ezra Miller as The Flash

Credit: Justice League

Celebrity status negates legal matters at times

It could easily sound like a great deal of conjecture that will go nowhere at this time. The arguments against celebrities when it comes to the law have to do, most of the time, with celebrities skating past one legal matter or another. It has happened that many celebrities have faced arrest, jail time, and strict punishments. But unfortunately, that doesn’t appear as though it’s happened here. 

Too often, it would appear that celebrities will receive a slap on the wrist compared to those who are not celebrities. Lawyers, money, and a reputation often get celebs off the hook. But one can’t help but think that their reputation should end up denying actors certain benefits after more than a couple of offenses. 

Many fans still want to see Grant Gustin in the role

This movement didn’t last that long, but it does feel as though plenty of fans would like to see Grant Gustin take this role. The CW actor has gained a great deal of support in this matter, but with the idea that Miller could stick around, it’s less likely that Gustin will get that call. Keeping Miller might please some folks, but it does sound like it could irritate others. 

A boycott of The Flash isn’t going to happen unless there’s something else going on. As of now, Miller is the person who will continue to wear the suit. If that ever changes, one can guess that it’s going to show up in the news as a bigger story. With Miller, it kind of feels as though this could happen, even if those backing them don’t want it to. 

The Flash Ezra Miller movie

credit: The Flash

One has to wonder how much longer Miller will be tolerated

One or two acts of lawlessness are understandable to see explained since, like it or not, Miller could very well have serious mental issues and could need help. But if the behavior continues, even after an apology, it feels as though another actor should step in. As mentioned, Gustin is in the wings if he wants the role. But the general feeling is that Miller is not irreplaceable. 

Hollywood is full of individuals who are waiting on a chance to shine and plenty of veteran actors that can take over. If Miller is able to keep things on the level and not get in trouble again, it’s possible to see how giving them another chance would work. But with their track record at this point, an apology sounds like the easy way forward. 

Way too often, it comes up that celebrities who have acted in ways that require the law to step in are allowed to get off with a slap on the wrist. It feels past time that celebrities should feel the sting of losing something valuable after making poor decisions

It’s fair to think that fans will stop caring

Fans will stop caring for a few reasons, and one is that they’ll do so because the media makes it possible, instead of focusing on how actors appear to get away with illegal actions, they’ll watch the movie, the trailers, and forget that Miller has issues that need fixing. 

Again, if Miller is able to stay on the straight and narrow and keep out of trouble, then it’s a non-issue. But it does feel that if they step out of line again that Warner Brothers will still keep Miller around. 

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