Is Zack Snyder the Right Guy to Film Man of Steel 2?

Is Zack Snyder the Right Guy to Film Man of Steel 2?
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This doesn’t feel like an entirely fair question or even one that’s going to be embraced by a lot of eager fans that want to see Man of Steel 2. Zack Snyder has taken a lot of flak for his cinematic decisions in the past several years, but it’s still easy to wonder if he’s going to be the right guy to make this second movie happen.

A lot of folks are still poring over the idea that Henry Cavill is coming back to the DCEU to take on the role of the man in red and blue as he’s giving up the role of Geralt of Rivia, which is another role that he’s been great in. But thinking about Snyder in the director’s chair is meeting with approval from a lot of people and a questionable look from many others.

There’s no doubt that Snyder can make an interesting movie, but when it comes to the critics and the Snyderverse Justice League and its mile upon mile of exposition, there’s a good chance that the storytelling that he’s bound to engage in for this movie is going to be something that might rub a few people the wrong way. Hey, it’s not entirely inaccurate to say that there are going to be detractors who don’t want to see another overshadowed movie from Snyder. 

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It does sound as though Snyder has a plan in place for this movie.

What those plans might be at the moment is tough to say since there’s not a lot known about the second movie yet. But one thing that’s guaranteed is that whoever the villain is and however the story is meant to go, Superman will need to evolve a bit in order to keep fans coming back for more since the hero is still a huge draw for the DCEU, but changing up his story just enough to keep things updated and to keep him from stagnating is going to be necessary.

But given how many enemies Superman has made over the years and how many of them are insanely powerful and can possibly do a heavy amount of damage, it’s uncertain just who will make the cut and whether or not we’re going to see old rivalries continue, or fade a bit as time moves forward. 

The heavy use of shadow in some of his movies has given Snyder a reputation that is hard to shake. 

There’s no other way to say it, Snyder uses a lot of shadow in his movies, and if he’s going to continue doing this, then it’s bound to affect how people view his filmmaking. It’s not a negative aspect, to be certain, at least not entirely, but it’s something that people tend to voice their opinion about since, for certain movies, it would likely be appreciated to see a little more contrast between the light and the darkness, rather than an overlying shadow that never appears to go away.

Moving away from so much heavy shadow might be like going against what made him famous in the first place since some of his movies have been great in the look he gives them. But all the same, it does feel as though he might be better served in this coming sequel to give the movie a bit of a hopeful feel, which is apparently what he’s planning. 

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There are a few things to consider when it comes to a second movie. 

The villain is one of the biggest things to consider, as how Snyder is going to present someone that hasn’t been seen on the big screen yet. We’ve seen Zod, the other Kryptonians, and Doomsday, but there are a lot of others that would be considered, though it sounds fair to assume Black Adam won’t be making the cut, and in fact, it’s kind of likely that Man of Steel 2 will either take place just before or during Black Adam’s storyline. It makes sense in a big way, especially since it would mean that Superman is back in business and ready to go where he’s needed when the right people ask. 

Zack Snyder is a worthy director, but there are still those out there who are going to hold off on admitting it until they see the movie. 

Once Man of Steel 2 makes its way into theaters, it does feel as though there are a lot of people who are going to let go of their reservations and say whether they like it one way or another. But for now, it’s fair to think that judging it based on what Snyder was able to do with the first movie might leave a lot of people on the fence or firmly behind it for the time being. 

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