Five Storylines We Wish to be Explored in And Just Like That Season 2

Five Storylines We Wish to be Explored in And Just Like That Season 2

Sex and the City became a cult classic for a reason. Love it or hate it, but the television series changed the landscape of woman-centric shows. The storyline followed the friendship and love life of four strong and independent women—Carrie, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker (Failure to Launch), Charlotte, portrayed by Kristin Davis (Holiday in the Wild), Miranda, portrayed by Cynthia Nixon (Ratched), and Samantha, portrayed by Kim Cattrall (Filthy Rich), who were living their best lives in New York City. The four women depicted girl power during the 1990’s to early 2000’s, and gave a whole new meaning to “30 is the new 20”. The revival and sequel of the original series called, And Just Like That…, came as a pleasant surprise for avid viewers of the franchise.

There have always been rumors of a new series or another Sex and the City movie, but nothing was really set in stone until we heard the announcement directly from HBO Max. It put things into perspective, and got us looking forward to know what happens during the next chapter of the women’s lives, as they enter their 50’s. The first season of And Just Like That… answered a lot of questions, but also opened a whole lot of new ones. This is the reason why we are both psyched and relieved to know that a second season of the sequel has been confirmed. Here are five storylines we wish to be explored in And Just Like That… Season 2:

5. Carrie’s second chance at love

The major spoiler from the first season centered around the death of Carrie’s husband, John James Preston, more commonly known as “Mr. Big”, portrayed by Chris Noth (The Equalizer). The untimely death created a void in Carrie’s life that took her a while to come to terms with. In the season finale of the first season, we witnessed Carrie finally getting out of her shell and opening her heart up once again. It seems as we may have found a perfect match for her in the persona of her podcast producer, Franklyn, portrayed by Ivan Hernandez (The Good Wife), whom Carrie shared a passionate elevator kiss with right before the credits started to roll. This new chance at happiness felt like a breath of fresh air that we are looking forward to explore further.

4. The effects of Miranda’s major life choices

We saw a whole different side of Miranda in the sequel. The career-oriented perfectionist we were used to in the original series has turned over a new leaf in more ways than we’d like to imagine. Miranda quit her corporate job and went back to school, explored another aspect of her sexuality, and asked for a divorce from her loving husband, Steve, portrayed by David Eigenberg (Chicago Fire), in the process. Call it a mid-life crisis or what, but Miranda was clearly more unhinged then usual. She was ready to let go of past relationships for impulsive pursuits, and it’s hard to determine if she really made the right choice. We hope to see more character development in the new season, and for Miranda not to be too detached from her past life that she once found happiness from.

3. The stained relationship of Carrie and Samantha

It was hard to imagine that Carrie and Samantha were at odds in real life. They were such reliable friends onscreen, so it was naturally heartbreaking to find out that their offscreen relationship was far from perfect. We were fortunately graced with some scenes that involved Samantha in the sequel, may it be a through a text message or a thoughtful gift and notecard. Watching these scenes felt nostalgic of the good old days when it was the four best friends against the world. We can only hope for more intimate moments like these in season 2, even if it seems next to impossible for Samantha to make an appearance. The show just does not feel complete without Samantha, and it never will without her in it.

2. The new dynamics between Charlotte and Rock

Charlotte put her nurturing personality into good use, as we saw her as a very involved mother to two teenagers in the sequel. Her eldest daughter, Lily, portrayed by Cathy Ang, was a star student who seemed to excel in everything she does, while her youngest daughter, Rose, has taken on a whole new identity. Rose changed her name to Rock and identified as nonbinary. The revelation was a tough pill for Charlotte to swallow, but she tried her best to act gracious and understanding. We wish to see more of her interactions with Rock in season 2, and see how they are able to navigate the tumultuous teenage years together. Charlotte is such a great mom, and this shone through in the sequel. Her scenes are always the right kind of light-hearted that meshes well with Carrie and Miranda’s heavier storylines.

1. A new chapter of the women’s friendship

It’s only normal for people to change. As the famous saying goes, “The only constant in life is change” The show’s leads are each venturing into new and unknown territory, even as they enter their middle-aged years. There’s always something new to discover and lessons to learn. We have seen how the four women’s friendship transformed over the years, and we can say that it has grown stronger with time. They have stuck together through each other’s ups and downs, and have witnessed each other in their lowest and highest points in life. It would be great to see their friendship continue to evolve and become deeper despite the many challenges that come their way. The scenes where Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte are always heartwarming. At the end of the day, it really is better to have a few true friends than a lot of fake ones.

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