Five Excellent Movies Involving The Cast of Cyrano

Cyrano is a heartbreaking love triangle that sees Cyrano de Bergerac convinced that his appearance means that he’s unworthy of the true love from Roxanne, who happens to be into a guy named Christian. The Joe Wright vehicle features an array of veterans and newcomers such as Peter Dinklage, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Haley Bennett, and Ben Mendelsohn. This list will highlight the five best movies involving the cast of Cyrano. Each movie has over ten critical reviews that highly praise the respective feature. The only movies exempt from this list are animated features. Let’s check out the first film:

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Easily one of the best live-action X-Men films sees the past and future come together in a time where mutants are facing extinction. Wolverine opts to go back in time and gather the X-Men of the past to help change a pivotal moment in history that can forever change their future. X-Men: Days of Future Past could’ve easily resulted in a chaotic mess like X-Men: The Last Stand; however, the latest entry of popular comic book saga manages to have a strong cohesive narrative that properly highlights the key characters of the franchise. It’s great to see the X-Men of old and new together again, and Days of Future Past helps fix the entire timeline without devolving into a confusing and muddled mess. Not surprisingly, Hugh Jackman is excellent in his return as Logan, and the supporting cast plays their respective parts well. While Dr. Bolivar Trask isn’t given the development necessary to make him a memorable villain and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is given way too much screentime, those minor hiccups don’t stop X-Men: Days of Future Past from being great.

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

After being tired of her daughter’s murder case going unsolved, Mildred Hayes paints three signs with a controversial message directed at the police chief, William Willoughby. However, the situation only gets worse when Officer Dixon, an immature mother’s boy, get’s involved with the case. Funny, touching, and thought-provoking, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri manages to expertly navigate the absurdity of it’s dark comedic roots with some strong dramatic heft involving an elite cast. Frances McDormand commands the screen with an excellent raw and grounded performance. On the opposite side, Sam Rockwell is great as Officer Dixon. The actor is able to maintain a layered performance in his meaty role and Rockwell has some of the best scenes in the film.


In this pulse pounding conversation starter, Luce is about a liberal-minded couple who are forced to re-examine their son who writes a disturbing essay on why violence is a necessary cleansing. Luce manages to tackle a different side of racism and the images society unfairly places on young black men and women. Kelvin Harrison Jr. is perfect as the lead, masterfully balancing the emotions necessary to pull off the three-dimensional character that’s well crafted by Julius Onah. However, Octavia Spencer holds her own as Harriet Carter and the writer thankfully doesn’t make her character a one note villain. Spencer is the way she is because of her experience growing up in a difficult world, so the complexity of her situation is aided with a layer of truth attached. A strong and thought-provoking feature that does a great job at exploring racism from a different perspective.


In this spellbinding Netflix exclusive, Mudbound is about two families in the rural American South fighting one another by a ruthless social hierarchy yet tied together by a shared farmland of the Mississippi Delta. This unflinching look at one of the darkest periods of America’s history manages to tackle a new perspective that gives anothe outlook on racism and the brutal realities of the Jim Crow South. Mudbound is layered with tremendous performances including Mary J. Blige as Florence Jackson; The actress pulls all the punches to deliver a nuanced and incredible performance in the midst of an elite and stacked cast. By no means is Mudbound an easy watch, it’s impossible to not be captivated by this superb film.

Starred Up

In this explosive and unsettling look inside our nation’s prison systems, Jack O’Connell stars as Eric, a teenager with some trust and anger issues who ends up switched to an adult prison from a facility for juveniles. The young kid must find a way to control his temper or the consequences for Eric could result in his untimely demise. Starred Up is a tremendous showcase vehicle for Jack O’Connell as the actor pulls off a stunning performance as the lead character. It isn’t just the way that O’Connell acts, but the subtlety of his body language and the way he showcases his scars from past traumatic events. Starred Up gives us a brutally honest and intimate view on the prison systems inside and the film manages to weave its dramatic weight throughout its social issues.

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