The 10 Best Sibling Rivalries in Movies

The 10 Best Sibling Rivalries in Movies

The 10 Best Sibling Rivalries in Movies

Sibling rivalry is one of those aspects of life that one can’t help but experience if they have siblings that are close enough in age and know how to annoy their siblings in ways that no one else can. It’s a proven fact that there are few people in the world that are able to grill a person harder than a sibling, especially since siblings happen to know each other better than almost anyone. There are exceptions to this idea since some siblings don’t spend a lot of time around each other, either by design or by some twist of fate. But those that do grow up around one another do happen to know that there are ways to bug their sibling that others have no idea about.

Here are some of the best sibling rivalries in the movies.

10. Micky and Dicky – The Fighter

Based on the true story of Mickey Ward and Dick Ecklund, this movie went through one tumultuous situation after another. While much of it was heavily criticized by the brothers since Hollywood decided to take a few liberties, the movie wasn’t too bad and it did show how Dick and Micky ended up kind of squaring off at one moment. It would be interesting to know if Micky really confronted his mother as he did in the movie or not.

9. Ferris and Jeanie – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Some people think Ferris is the worst and some think that he’s just a cool, fun individual that might have a few questionable morals. His sister Jeanie knew he was faking sick in the movie and yet couldn’t prove it, but by the end of the movie, she actually defended him, which was odd. But all in all, this is still a classic movie that was about more than just sibling rivalry.

8. Danielle and Marguerite – Ever After

There have been quite a few versions of Cinderella that have come and gone, but this movie was rather interesting since it took from a historical standpoint a story about a young lady who was the daughter of a baron but became the servant girl of the baroness who married her father. One of the absolute best scenes in the movie, and the culmination of the relationship between the stepsisters, was when Danielle punched Marguerite so hard she went flying head over heels.

7. Tommy and Brendan – Warrior

The two brothers had to choose between their two needy parents and resented each other for the choices they made, which followed them into adulthood. When they both entered into an MMA tournament though it was bound to happen that they would face off and do some real damage. Why Tommy ends up losing feels kind of obvious since it does appear that his rage played out and he simply wasn’t able to sustain it any longer.

6. Gomez and Fester – The Addams Family

This was one of the strangest rivalries in the movies since the two brothers are generally so friendly to each other. But then again, when one is a part of the Addams clan it’s kind of understood that things are going to happen that will set sibling against sibling, as the animated movie showed later on with Pugsley and Wednesday. Sometimes one simply has to keep watching their back in order to avoid getting an ax or a knife in it.

5. Fredo and Michael – The Godfather II

It feels fair to state that if Sonny had lived past the first movie that he wouldn’t have given up power to Michael. But Fredo was not a strong character, nor was he even close to being capable of taking over the Corleone family. Johnny O, Moe Greene, and Hyman Roth would have eaten Fredo alive had he been put in charge. Michael was a different person altogether since he was a thinker, a planner, and most of all, he knew how to take care of his enemies.

4. Mufasa and Scar – The Lion King

Power does a strange thing to people and works on siblings as well since no matter how much of a bond might exist between siblings, there’s always something that can come between them. Scar obviously didn’t enjoy his place in the pride and resented Mufasa in a big way. But he wasn’t about to act openly until he had the upper hand or paw. By the time his plan was set in motion, it was evident that Scar had no intention of stopping.

3. Brennan and Dale – Step Brothers

This was by far one of the more violent rivalries since the two went at each other constantly when they started living together, and the things they did to each other were absolutely horrible. Rubbing one’s man bits on a drum isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s definitely right up there with some of the grossest things that people might have seen.

2. Kit and Dottie – A League of Their Own

Those that have older siblings that tell them what to do and how to do it would understand this movie since poor Kit lives in Dottie’s shadow and yet she can’t find a way to get out so she whines about it all the time. But in the end, she gets her moment of glory since Dottie realizes that she has what she wants, so it’s time for Kit to get what she’s always wanted, a moment in the spotlight.

1. Thor and Loki – Thor

In old Norse legends, these two aren’t even related by dint of being raised by the same father, since the closest thing there is to a relationship is the fact that Odin and Loki were said to be like blood-brothers. But if anything, the MCU has made this relationship a little more interesting by showing that while Thor really wants to trust Loki, there’s absolutely no way he can.

Siblings are great, so long as one can live with them.

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