Five Actresses Who Should Play Nastia Liukin in a Movie

It would help to be interested in gymnastics at least a little bit if you’re going to talk about someone like Nastia Liukin, who has been a part of the sport for longer than many people realize. Being born to two gymnasts is a good indication that one might be expected to find their way into the same field as their parents, and it really wasn’t any different for Nastia it would seem. On top of being a skilled gymnast however she’s a rather intelligent woman that has accomplished a great deal in her life, and has even spent a decent portion of her time in movies and TV shows. If you’ve seen the move Stick It then you likely noticed her cameo when she went into her routine. It’s not entirely likely that the whole point of the movie would ever be made in such a way, but it was a strong statement that a lot of gymnasts might at least agree with when it comes to their sport and just how harshly they can be judged at times.

If she’s ever represented in a movie she’s likely the best person to play herself, but barring that, here are a few individuals that might at least be able to offer a good portrayal of the talented young woman.

5. Elle Fanning

It goes without saying that every woman on this list would need to undergo some training in order to really get the look that Nastia exhibits since as a gymnast she is muscular in a way and does carry herself with a great deal of confidence. But actors are known for pushing themselves for a role and doing whatever it takes to make certain that they represente their character in as convincing a way as possible. Elle has been on a roll in recent years and it feels safe to say that she would be up to the challenge on this one since she’s been seen to put a great deal of herself into a role when asked to do so.

4. Emma Roberts

Emma almost feels as though she’s slowly being typecast into the role of either the mean girl or the wallflower thanks to shows like American Horror Story: Coven and movies such as Nerve. She’s a widely talented woman that can take on a number of roles and make them work with great efficiency, but she needs a chance to show that she can do something that will really challenge her. One thing about a role like this is that she would likely need to bulk up a bit since Nastia isn’t a big woman but she does have a very impressive musculature that comes from years of training. Emma might need to hit the gym a little more often and increase her calorie intake.

3. Blake Lively

It tend to push Blake’s name for a lot of things for reason, and that’s because she feels like an underutilized individual who has a great deal of talent and is worth placing in more movies where her skills are going to be challenged and her abilities will be used to the greatest extent. She’s a very popular actress when you ask around, but seeing her in anything that could be called a blockbuster is rare, and realizing that she’s at a different level is kind of hard since she seems to be kept at arm’s length a lot of times when it comes to show business. Putting her in a role like this would be a real test of what she can do.

2. Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse is another name that’s big in Hollywood and has been gaining ground throughout the years but still feels as though she might need something to really push her reputation just a little more. Like Blake she’s extremely talented and has all the right tools that she needs to be successful and remain that way, but it would appear that she sometimes needs to step out of whatever comfort zone she finds herself in and do something that could challenge her in a way that is unlike anything she’s done to date. This type of role would be a challenge for just about anyone that has or hasn’t been a gymnast, especially if it was a very involved biopic.

1. Dakota Fanning

You might think that if her sister can do something then so can she and vice versa. But Elle and Dakota Fanning are quite different in their approaches and it shows when they’re on screen. In my own personal opinion Dakota is just a little more skilled and a great deal more versatile than her sister, but this takes nothing away from Elle. Instead it indicates that Dakota is a little more experienced and could possibly take on this role with a little more ease if she became interested.

That’s the whole point after all, each woman selected would have to be interested in the first place.

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