The Five Best Emma Roberts Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Emma Roberts Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Emma Roberts Movies of Her Career

Despite the fact that her mother wanted Emma to have a ‘normal childhood’ she spent a lot of time with her aunt Julia, none other than Julia Roberts, on film sets and gained a very big respect for the craft and a desire to join the ranks when she became old enough. To be honest a lot of folks might know her better as Madison from American Horror Story: Coven and Apocalypse, but overall she’s proven to be quite the versatile actress since movies have been her forte as well. She’s done the back and forth deal enough to make herself known to enough people that her name is actually well known along with her face and style of acting. There are times when she can be sweet, caring, and very bubbly, even a bit naive, but then she can turn on the inner witch and be as nasty as anyone could possibly be. If you don’t believe it then watch AHS and you’ll see.

In the meantime, here are a few of the best movies from her career thus far.

5. Empire State

Granted she does play more of a supporting role in this film but it’s still one that people might notice if she wasn’t there since she plays a voice of reason to the main character played by Liam Hemsworth. The whole story revolves around Hemsworth’s character wanting to become a cop but instead being hired on as an armored security driver. Unfortunately he says the wrong thing to one of his less than savory friends who decides to plan a heist that ends up catching the attention of the cops and the local mafia bosses that both want to figure out just who pulled the job so they can each dish out their own brand of justice.

4. In A Relationship

Some relationships are like a Newton’s Cradle, aren’t they? No matter how far apart the balls go they’re bound to come smashing back into one another at some point. And yet, if you put a buffer in between them that chaotic energy that keeps forcing them to trigger one another might actually dull down and stop. But until that point it’s a back and forth ordeal that just doesn’t seem to stop since the energy that’s shared between the two just keeps the whole mess going back and forth, back and forth, and…well, you get the idea. Some relationships are better when they end than when they began.

3. Billionaire Boys Club

Let’s just put it out there, Ponzi schemes are one of the worst things to ever have been developed and then unloaded on an unsuspecting public since they’re capable of damaging people in way that are hard to recuperate from and only ever seem to favor those at the top that are cunning enough to get clear of the mess when it finally crumbles. When the young men in this film feel the bottom drop out they take their revenge on the man that made everything start to crumble, but they’re still on the hook to a lot of people for money they no longer have. Hard work over a long period of time might not be for everyone, but at least it’s honest and builds a strong foundation.

2. Nerve

If you’re looking for a way to get out and do something with your life there are plenty of ways that this can be achieved without lending yourself to certain abuses that are laid down by anonymous watchers that want to see you humiliate and debase yourself for their amusement. But then again there aren’t a lot of ways that might pay as much as this game does since upon completing each task the money that’s earned increases. The only problem is that as the money increases, so does the risk, and the possibility of not being able to get up from the previous task as the danger becomes a little too much for some folks.

1. We’re the Millers

You know the amazing part of this movie? Such things used to be true. There used to be no way that a family in an RV would get looked at twice unless they were acting overly suspicious while crossing the border. Considering how many families use an RV while on vacation it’s easy to see how someone would just wave them through thinking there’s nothing wrong. But nowadays the reality of this movie is that things might not be quite as easy any longer and the checks that are required would be a little more strenuous since the idea of smuggling people in and people hitching a ride is a much bigger problem. But back when this film was made, yeah, it would have been a little more feasible.

Emma is the kind of actor that gets noticed no matter what, it just depends on how present she is in the movie.

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