The Five Best Dakota Fanning Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Dakota Fanning Movies of Her Career

Getting her career started in TV seemed to be the right course for Dakota Fanning since it kind of allowed her to work up to the idea of being in motion pictures instead of just putting her in the mix outright. She was still quite young when she did star in the role that would get her considered for a Screen Actors Guild Award, but she did such a great job that it’s no wonder why she’s been seen as one of the more alluring faces in Hollywood for some time now. There are times when it seems as though she’s stepped away from the spotlight but in truth she’s been around for some time now and has been going back and forth between films and TV for a while and has dialed her performances back just a bit. As a young child she was very prominent since she was one of the best new up and comers, but it was no doubt preferred that she get to be a kid now and again as well.

Here are a few of the best movies from her career so far.

5. Brimstone

Sometimes there’s no limit to how much harm a person will take until they finally realize just what they’ll have to do in order to gain some measure of peace. The story goes through one point in time to another to explain how Liz came to be the person she is and how she came to know the preacher that haunts her as she attempts to live out a life that is peaceful if not entirely pleasing. As the preacher continues to hound her Liz finally gains some measure of justice when she kills him, though by the end of the movie a man she reportedly wronged in the beginning arrests her, whereupon she throws herself into a lake to avoid persecution.

4. Push

A lot of folks would likely say that this movie wasn’t worth the time that was put into it but honestly it was pretty interesting since it focused on individuals that were given powers due to their genetics of their parents. Each person had a different power and were given different designations so as to identify them to the agency that were constantly on the lookout for rogue individuals with abilities that they wanted to control. When the agency targets a man whose father they killed years before however he begins to realize that he’s going to have to fight back in order to have any semblance of a life.

3. The Runaways

Detailing the rise and eventual fall of one of the most influential bands of their time is a bold move on the part of any filmmaker since it would no doubt be looked at by fans of the artists as either not descriptive or accurate enough or perhaps too accurate and therefore not entirely pleasing to the eye. The Runaways however does manage to get down and dirty in some spots and positively gritty in others. It could be this that didn’t allow it to become much more than a blip on Dakota’s resume, but in truth it was something much more than any critic could possibly understand since it was actually kind of insightful and entertaining.

2. I Am Sam

It’s hard to imagine a man with severely limited intelligence being able to take care of a child for the sole reason that once the kid grows up the chances are that she’ll need to look elsewhere when she needs help with homework, growing up, and learning how to be a productive part of society. Granted, Sam did have a job and he did manage to exist on his own without a lot of assistance. But in raising a child there’s a lot more that a person has to know and must be able to do. The one good thing is that throughout the movie it was made clear that Sam would eventually have a very stable network of people to rely on.

1. Man On Fire

When a person has nothing to live for it’s very easy for them to lose hope. Creasy was a man that had little if anything to do with his life other than to move forward and keep moving forward, but even that wasn’t enough after a while. Once he met Pita however things started to change, and as much as he tried to fight it the young girl woke something in him that gave Creasy something to live for and look forward to. When the kidnappers that took her supposedly killed her though it became too much for Creasy, and he reverted back to the killer he’d been before meeting her, intent on showing the kidnappers what real pain felt like.

Dakota has been a great actress thus far in her life, and will no doubt continue to be so as the years continue to roll by.

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