Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay — Movie Trailer Debut

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay looks like it might be even better than the movie to be honest. I actually liked certain parts of the live action movie but thought that overall it was kind of a mess. Plus Captain Boomerang, if I’m getting his name right, seems like a bit of a joke since I would imagine that just about anyone on the team could take him out pretty easily. And yet somehow he’s been selected for the squad and is seen as a vital member. I would have thought they’d pick someone that was a little stronger or at least had a better gimmick.

You don’t see many R-rated cartoons but with Suicide Squad it doesn’t seem like there would be much fun if it didn’t get a little nasty. This time around however it’s at least not going to focus solely on the Joker when it’s supposed to be focusing on another villain instead, or at least it looks that way. It’s also bringing different members of the squad together in order to mix it up. I do wonder though what kind of continuity, if any, there will be with the live action film. Seeing as how both the MCU and DCEU love to dabble in different dimensions in which one or many things are different than the other worlds this could be the case, or it could be that the whole idea of continuity is kind of a joke since if there were any such thing a lot of heroes and villains would either be dead or they’d be so old that they couldn’t possibly continue this dangerous lifestyle.

The cartoon looks like it might be awesome but really at this point I’d love to see a real sense of continuity in the stories, a line that people could at least follow and say, aha, that’s point A and all the way over here is point B, and in between we can see how one gets from A to B. That kind of unobstructed line of reasoning would be great if either camp could point it out with any certainty. But the comics have been altered so many times that people have died, come back, died again, and then come back again in a revolving door technique that hinges a lot on the fans and the fear that writers seem to have that people will stop liking what they give the audience and look elsewhere for their entertainment. Maybe it’s time to roll the dice and give it a try.

Seeing our favorite heroes and villains come back again and again is exciting to be honest but eventually even the favorites have to give way and allow a new generation to step up and be noticed. You realize that some of the heroes we love as of now have been around for decades? Maybe it’s time for some new heroes that people can look up to.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is Task Force X’s latest animated feature film. It’s produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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