Five Amazing Scenes from Absolutely Terrible Movies

Five Amazing Scenes from Absolutely Terrible Movies

Five Amazing Scenes from Absolutely Terrible Movies

There are some truly bad movies out there that have a few redeeming qualities but not many, and among them are those that have great scenes, usually action-based, that are able to at least gain some recognition since they’re fun to watch and they leave a mark on the memory. But as for the rest of the movie, well, that’s kind of subjective since some people would disagree to agree on which movies are really that bad and which are okay so long as you happen to like the content and don’t mind the acting. Overall though the fact that some movies have to rely on certain gimmicks to get by tends to make them less effective and in the long run not really worth remembering. But the scenes in such movies that are worth the memory tend to stick around even when a person forgets what the movie was all about. Those glimpses of greatness that can come from what is essentially a train wreck, a dumpster fire, or whatever other description a person wants to use, are what make these movies worth watching. Otherwise, it’s very easy to forget about them entirely. Sometimes it’s even preferable to remembering they were ever made.

Here are a few bad movies that still had a few very good scenes.

5. The Lone Ranger – Train Wreck

There wasn’t a lot to like about this movie, even for those that grew up idolizing the Lone Ranger and wanted to see what Hollywood’s take on the popular idea would be. What was created turned out to be one of the most stereotypical messes that people had ever seen and was thankfully easy to forget. The train scenes were decent though, and this one, in particular, was kind of fun since there was just enough humor in it to go along with the very real idea that the train was heading off the track and was bound to hurt a few people along the way. But the way it ended was kind of amusing as well as terrifying since the CGI wasn’t horrible, but it could have used a lot more work.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Elevator Scene

It does feel that this movie earned a lot of hate that it didn’t really deserve since, despite the turtles looking a bit awkward, there were moments of humor and action scenes that were fairly well done and contributed to its attempt at invigorating the franchise. But as simple as it is, this elevator scene was great since so many people managed to take note of it in the light-hearted way that it showed the brothers syncing up with one another so easily. It’s funny, but in battle, they were sometimes hard-pressed to really do anything together, but moments such as this made it evident that they were far closer than a lot of people realized. But yeah, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the first live-action movie thanks to nostalgia.

3. Blade 2 – Meet the Blood Pack

Sometimes you’ve got to work with the enemy to confront an even worse enemy, and this is the result. You end up reminding your enemy that you’re still the biggest threat in the room and that when it’s all over and done with, you’re still going to be enemies and you’ll still have the upper hand. The first Blade movie was tolerable since we hadn’t seen anything like it before, and it kicked the vampire genre into a new gear. But the second and third movies kind of stalled out since they didn’t really take any big leaps forward apart from the villains, and even that was more ‘meh’ than ‘wow’. But this scene, when Blade reminds the Blood Pack just who he is, turns out great since it’s a big kick in the crotch to the supposed ‘daywalker hunters’ that reminds them that Blade isn’t a pushover.

2. Jason X – Sleeping Bag Scene

The Friday the 13th movies started going downhill a while back and have never really been on an uphill climb since, but somehow they keep getting made for the fans that complain about them and will still go to the theater or buy the movies and idolize the Crystal Lake slasher. In this futuristic version, though it’s seen that even with an upgrade, that didn’t make him any smarter obviously, Jason can’t help but resort to old habits as he beats two holographic characters to death in their sleeping bags after being offered what any reasonable guy in the 70s might have thought was the offer of a lifetime. Hopefully that’s not how future generations remember the lot of us.

1. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Warehouse Fight

It’s been obvious that superhero movies aren’t immune to being called out for being ridiculous for some time now, but this one really took the cake when it released into theaters. The box office numbers definitely duped people into believing it was an all-around success, but there are only a few scenes in this movie that are really that great, and the warehouse scene is one of them since it shows Batman getting vicious on criminals in a way that the character has rarely done onscreen before.

Sometimes the best scenes are all that bad movies really have.

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