The Five Best Saoirse Ronan Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Saoirse Ronan Movies of Her Career

In some films Saoirse Ronan is kind of hard to fully accept since her characters tend to sometimes be rather difficult in nature and almost argumentative and confrontational as a rule. But the moment a person accepts this and comes to see that she’s putting forth a rather good performance as a difficult person it’s easier to take and to enjoy at the same time. She’s been nominated for an Academy Award three times, won a Golden Globe, and been nominated for the British Academy Award four times, so any arguments that she’s not talented or is too hard to understand are notably invalid at this point. If you don’t understand her acting then it’s best to either move on or have someone explain it to you, but she’s proven what she can do and it’s been more than enough to earn her several accolades.

Here are a few of her best movies so far in her career.

5. Hanna

Hanna is simply lethal, that’s all that really needs to be said. Trained since she was only 2 years of age by an ex-CIA operative that squirreled her away to a private space where he could raise her, the young woman becomes a lethal weapon by the time that many young girls are thinking of boys and other things that aren’t as dangerous or as deadly as she’s become. But when her handler, who is touted as her father to begin with, says she’s ready for the people that will come for them, she is unleashed on a world that is supposedly ready to take her out but still has no idea just how dangerous she really is.

4. Atonement

Accusing someone of rape back in the time period in which this film was set was something that was and wasn’t as credible as it is now. The class level of the perpetrator and the victim was often brought into play and became a huge reason why a person would or wouldn’t be believed when it came to such an act and unfortunately for Robbie he might not have done the deed but but he was sent to prison for it and made to join the army shortly after his release. That kind of mark stays on a persons record for a very long time if not forever though and it could have ruined anyone  back then, just as it could now.

3. Mary Queen of Scots

Though it hasn’t come out yet and probably shouldn’t grace this list at the moment it can’t be helped since this is likely be one of the greatest and most defining moments of Ronan’s career considering the subject matter and the cast that she’ll be acting beside. She’s already managed to hold her own and do it quite well next to some of the best actors in the world, but it always pays to keep pushing your limits and she’s continued to do this over and over as the years have gone by and for the most part she’s succeeded just about every time. This should be a rather interesting movie to say the least.

2. The Lovely Bones

Sometimes a soul has more to do before they can move on, and in the case of a murder that soul might have to at least try and clue people in to the fact that they were taken unjustly by someone that needs to be made to pay. However her killer up and runs before justice can find him, but karma isn’t so kind as it dispenses its own brand of justice by killing the man in a very unconventional and seemingly accidental way. The things we wish for in this life don’t always work out, but somehow the world around us has a way of setting things right and providing damage control.

1. Lady Bird

When you’re young it rankles even the most jaded individual to realize that their parents are right in any way, shape, or form. They want the best for us they say and the proceed to try and tell us how we should live our lives, or so we think. The truth, that Lady Bird realizes much later, is that they really are looking out for us and are trying fervently to help us avoid the mistakes they made in their lives so that we can move forward without the insane amount of pressure that they experienced. The only downside is that all of us at one point or another have experienced intense pressures and stress that take us to a very strange and disorienting place.

Saoirse is definitely a rising star at this time and despite all she’s done so far she still has a lot of potential yet to live up to since she’s still fairly young and has a lot more that she can do with her career. Here’s to seeing the sky as a landscape, not the limit.

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