The Five Best Elle Fanning Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Elle Fanning Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Elle Fanning Movies of Her Career

You might think that being the younger sister of a famous actress like Dakota Fanning would make it difficult for someone like Elle Fanning to really make her mark in Hollywood, but the opposite seems to be true. In fact it would almost seem as though, in some ways, Elle is every bit as popular as her sister, who has been seen to take on roles that are either extremely visible to the mainstream public or are a little less visible depending on the movie. According to Elle though there’s really no distinction between who is more popular and who’s doing better when it comes to her and her sister. They both enjoy a very strong bond that lies between them and they enjoy being a part of show business. It’s nice to think that they don’t compete in any way with one another when it comes to the business, as both of them are quite talented.

Here are a few of Elle’s best movies.

5. Trumbo

There’s been a lot of criticism over this movie considering the nature of its subject and the reality that was likely revealed to a lot of people when they decided to go and research Dalton Trumbo. He wasn’t exactly the kind of man that was portrayed by Bryan Cranston, but he wasn’t the devil either. In fact he was a rather complicated man that wanted the freedom to express himself, which, like it or not, is what this country is founded on in part. The only problem was that back in his prime there were many that were severely mistrusting of his motives and the ideals that he tried to spread.

4. We Bought A Zoo

Buying a zoo wouldn’t be the problem, it would be taking care of the place and the animals, not to mention the people that would be needed in order to keep it all running in a workable manner. When a single dad needs a change in his life he buys a home that he thinks will work for his family, the only caveat is that it’s part of a bigger area of land that is a zoo that seems to be on its last legs. In fact the zoo had already been shut down, but after discovering that his deceased wife left him an account to do what he felt was necessary Benjamin boosts the morale of the workers and begins to heal his family as he takes on the challenge of reopening the zoo.

3. The Neon Demon

You could easily say this movie is a whole bunch of crazy and you still wouldn’t do it justice. When Jesse falls into the world of modeling she begins to display highly narcissistic tendencies that eventually lead to her being looked upon with scorn and jealousy by others. If that was where it ended you might think it was enough, but as the movie continues to roll on her tendencies get worse and so do the reactions of those around her. Eventually Jesse is victimized by those she once sought to be like, and even eaten it would seem as one of the models regurgitates an eyeball near the end of the film.

2. Super 8

Alien movies usually have a very set idea of who’s the bad guy and who’s the protagonist. But in this one the lines are a little blurred as the moment that human lives are threatened the humans become rather aggressive and more than a little unhinged. But when it’s discovered that the alien is attempting to get away and escape earth the audience gets a better understanding that while it’s not entirely innocent, it’s not evil either. That everything in this universe would act on the instincts it knows and will try to survive should probably be seen as a universal truth, but many still disregard such a thing.

1. Maleficent

Over the years it would seem that the lines between good and evil have been continually blurred and rewritten so as to explain just why evil is the way it is at times. In this movie Maleficent, the main character, is shown in her earliest days to be a fey creature that while still quite dangerous, is anything but malevolent, as she is the guardian of her realm and nothing more. To see this figure in such a peaceful manner is a bit difficult for some people, but to realize that there was a good reason for her to turn into a truly frightening and devilish figure becomes easier to understand. Avarice, greed, and the desire for power were powerful tools by which to turn a powerful yet peaceful individual into something truly wicked and ultimately deadly.

Elle has been in some truly great movies throughout her career so far and it would seem that she’s got a lot of good years left since she’s still pretty young.

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