10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ellie Taylor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ellie Taylor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor is a little bit of everything, but we have a feeling you know her best from her role in the hit show “Ted Lasso,” because it’s only one of the most popular shows on television at the moment. The comedian is working hard, and she’s loving her role, but we have some fun facts about that. For instance, she didn’t tell anyone she was on the show. Read on to find out what else we know about this lovely actress.

1. She is an 80s Baby from England

She was born in the 80s, which is the best decade of all in which to be born and grow up. She is from Brentwood. Not the California Brentwood, but the England Brentwood. She’s from Essex. She was born on November 4, 1983, which actually makes her only about 5 weeks younger than myself.

2. She’s a Comedian

She’s a comedian by day, and a comedian by night. She does a few other things here and there like being a daughter and a television personality, a wife, and a mom, and she is probably a friend, but what do we know? She is also an actress, and she is also a writer, so she’s a lot of things, and we have a feeling she’s good at all of them. No one says they’re something they’re not good at, do they?

3. She is College Educated

Following her high school days, she went to college. She studied at the University of York, and she chose English Literature as her line of study. She graduated, but it was her time in the drama department she really enjoyed. She was in a few plays, but acting wasn’t quite where she was just yet as a person.

4. She Was Discovered

When she was an intern for a magazine you might know (FHM, anyone?), she was discovered. A modeling agency employee saw her, approached her, and signed her. She spent some time modeling rather than interning after hat. She did a lot of modeling work, especially campaigns for major companies such as Pantene, and it gave her a new outlook on life.

5. She Did not Want to Model

Surprisingly, she didn’t like modeling. She did it for a while, but it was not what left her feeling fulfilled, happy, or even in charge of her own life. She changed her mind about it, and she went to work for a company that focused on corporate events. She spent a little time doing that, but she later decided that it was her stand-up comedy she wanted to focus on. She put in the work, and look at her now.

6. She is Married

She’s married to a man who does a job that is not quite as humorous as her own. Her husband is a reporter. His job requires he take on a certain level of seriousness, so we have a feeling that they might be a little opposite. His name is Phil Black. Together, they are the parents of a little girl.

7. She is in a Major Show

She is well-known for many different roles, but it’s her role as Sassy in Ted Lasso that has people talking. She’s a killer actress, and the show is huge. We aren’t sure if anyone realized how big this show would become, but it’s a few seasons in now, and it’s something that people are so excited about.

8. She Didn’t Tell Anyone About her Ted Lasso Role

First and foremost, she didn’t think she’d get the role when she auditioned. She thought she’d be turned down, so she said nothing. Then, she got the role. Then, she filmed the role. She still said nothing. It was not until she actually took the time to sit down and watch the first season that she realized it was really, really good.

9. She Thought Her Life Was Over

At the tender age of 25, no less. She was working a corporate job, which is nothing she ever wanted to do in her life. She thought her life was over because she was a young woman doing exactly what she did not want to do, hating her life, and she was not happy. She didn’t know where to go, how it would change, or what to expect.

10. She Thinks About Old Ellis

On occasion, she does think about old Ellie. She thinks that her old self would be so excited to know where she is right now and what she’s accomplished in such a short time. She doesn’t think back that often, but she is someone who does sometimes remember that she is currently where she never thought she’d be. That’s big.

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