10 Things You Don’t Know About Pasha Bleasdell

10 Things You Don’t Know About Pasha Bleasdell
10 Things You Don’t Know About Pasha Bleasdell

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What’s a celebrity? Someone the world knows by name and by face? Someone who stars in movies or television shows? A person with so many followers on social media? There is no right or wrong answer. A star is someone who is so good at what they do that you cannot help but know who they are. Pasha Bleasdell was a star in her own right. She was a music video star before her untimely, shocking death on June 6, 2022. Bleasdell may not have a recognizable name, but her face is among the most widely recognized of those who grew up when MTV played music videos. Who is Pasha Bleasdell?

1. She’s One of Director X’s Favorites

You may wonder who Director X is. He’s a music video director who works with the best of the best, and that includes some of the biggest stars of the 2000s. He’s the man behind the videos we grew up with, and he was a huge fan of Pasha Bleasdell. He recognized her talent so much that she was one of his go-to music video stars for most of her own life.

2. What are Some of the Videos Pasha Bleasdell Starred In?

Any 80s and 90s kids who were living out their adolescence in the 2000s know the videos listed here. She’s the woman who starred in videos such as PIMP by 50 Cent. She starred in Hot In Herre by Nelly. She was part of the Gimme the Light video by Sean Paul. This is just a tiny sample of the many things she’s done in her life, and she did them all so well.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Pasha Bleasdell

Credit: Twitter

3. What Was Her Cause of Death?

Sadly, Pasha Bleasdell was dealing with a terrible health condition she could not beat. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and she lost her battle. She has many fans in the music industry thanks to her talent and excellent reputation, and it was a shocking blow to the world to find out she lost her battle with her brain tumor.

4. Her Reputation is Stellar

Everyone hears the rumors. Some celebrities are divas. Those who are terrible to work with. There are weird ones. There are creepy ones. Some people do things that no one would believe, and there are always people who share a bit of the truth when they think no one is watching. However, Bleasdell is a woman who had an excellent reputation among everyone she worked with. Director X quickly points out that the young star didn’t bring drama to the table. Other celebrities are horrified by her passing, and everyone has something lovely to say.

5. How Old Was Pasha Bleasdell?

The passing of anyone from something so terrible is just awful. Just when you think it cannot get worse, you find out she was only 38 when she died. Her brain tumor is one she fought, but it just wasn’t a battle she could win. She was in the hospital at the time of her death.

6. She Spent Her Free Time Mentoring

When Bleasdell was not filming music videos, she used her free time to give back. She was a mentor for young girls with a dream. Any young girl who wanted to work in the entertainment industry could count on Pasha to be there for her to help out, to mentor her, and to help her figure out what she needed to do. She helped them pursue modeling careers, careers in the music video sector, and so much more. She was a kind listening ear and a role model.

7. She Worked with Her Community to Give Back

She never focused on her celebrity status. She loved what she did for a living, but her real joy in life came from giving back to her community. She lived in Scarborough. She spent time volunteering, mentoring and giving back to not only the young women mentioned above but also to kids from underprivileged homes and backgrounds. She did everything she could to make someone’s day a little better whenever she could.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Pasha Bleasdell

Credit: Twitter

8. She was Doing Well

Her success as a music video star is unquestioned by anyone. We all know her face, but did you know how much money is in this business? At the time of her death, the video star was worth an estimated $1.5 million. She was doing well for herself living her dream and giving back at the same time.

9. She Chose to Live a Very Private Lifestyle

Despite being prominently featured in more music videos than we can count, Pasha was not a public person. She chose to keep her life as private as possible, and the world never knew much about her. She is a woman who never shared whether she married or had children – though we think she was single and without children at the time of her death. Our point is that she managed the fine line between celebrity and privacy with such grace.

10. She Had Her Own Fan Base

She may have worked for the big stars to make great videos, but she is the one with big fans. When she died, the world stopped for a second to mourn her. People such as Busta Rhymes, Terrence J, and Gloria Velez all stepped up to post thoughtful stories about the late dancer, and they were all filled with respect and admiration.

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