Which “Ted Lasso” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Ted Lasso” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Ted Lasso” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

When it premiered on Apple+, expectations weren’t high for Ted Lasso. The show, having been based off two short sketches for NBC Sports, didn’t give much detail on what story we’d be seeing. But now, having finished their second season, Ted Lasso has found a place in all of our hearts. With undeniable optimism, determination, and vulnerability, this show has soared to the top of the awards shortlist, and surpassed every expectation. Not everyone can be the iconic Ted Lasso, so who represents your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Roy Kent

No surprises here, Aries. Roy is driven, passionate, and quick to pop off on unsuspecting players. While your temper can cause issues, it shows everyone just how much you care, even when you don’t verbalize it. Much like Roy, you’re a lover at your core, driven by passion and loyalty. You have a tough time with your feelings, but don’t let that get in the way of your loving nature (no matter how much you don’t want to admit it!).

Taurus – Trent Crimm

Taurus, you’re inherently grounded, and the sort of stable character many of us need in our lives. Like Trent, you can be quiet or boisterous; empathetic or cynical. You’re a delicate balance, Taurus, but you lead with logic. While sometimes insecurity may make you feel smaller than the big personalities that surround you on the zodiac table, don’t forget that your stability and consistency is a virtue.

Gemini – Coach Beard

This might seem like an odd choice, Gemini, but Coach Beard represents the true duality of your sign. He can be empathetic, loyal, and helpful; or engaging in toxic relationships, getting into tough spots, and general debauchery. You’ve got a quick wit, as an air sign, and are a pretty sociable personality when you choose to be. While you may have a tendency to leave before something is finished, don’t forget that sticking it out can be worth it.

Cancer – Nate Shelley

Cancer, you’re a lover, not a fighter. But when you’re backed into a corner, you often have quite a bite. As a water sign, you feel emotions like huge tides, and can have a difficult time processing them. As we see in Season 2, you can become addicted to a victim mentality, and can make manipulative moves to benefit yourself. When you lead with love, Cancer, you’re our best friend. And just like Nate, you’re willing to give anything for those you love.

Leo – Jamie Tartt

You’re a complex beast, Leo. While some may not be able to see past your ego or aggressive tendencies, you’re a lot more emotionally intelligent than people give you credit for. With your confidence comes imposter syndrome, something we see Jamie struggle with. Although it may not always be your first instinct, open your heart to the people you love. It’ll deepen their understanding of you, and help relieve some of the insecurities that can come with your sign.

Virgo – Rebecca Welton

Virgo, no one works as hard as you. Your ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and relationships doesn’t go unnoticed, and people often admire you for this. Much like Rebecca, you can be emotionally closed off, preferring to focus on logic and work. Remember to let yourself breathe every once in a while, and don’t be afraid to be honest when you have something to say.

Libra – Ted Lasso

We all knew Ted would be an air sign. The optimism, peacekeeping nature, and empathy that Ted displays points to Libra. With the extreme personalities that surround him, he has to find a way to manage and keep the truce. You’re a master at socialization, Libra, and never have nothing to say. You have the innate ability to appear vulnerable while still holding all your emotions inside. Allow yourself to feel sometimes, and reach out to the ones you love in those moments.

Scorpio – Dr. Sharon Fieldstone

You are truly a mystery, Scorpio. Much like Dr. Sharon, you keep people at arm’s length, and have no problem setting boundaries. You’re consistently a great confidante for your friends, but very rarely ever open up about your own insecurities. You keep all your cards in your hand until you’re ready to fold; when you’re sure there isn’t any collateral damage for you. Love more freely, Scorpio, it’s in your water sign nature.

Sagittarius – Dani Rojas

As a fire sign, you have an endless supply of energy and passion, Sag. Like Dani, you’re energetic and jovial, often the funniest person in the room. But as we see with Dani, you can carry guilt for a long time. You have a tendency towards hyperactivity and anxiety, especially when you feel insecure. Remember that you’re the only one of you, and embrace what others might find ‘too much’.

Capricorn – Rupert Mannion

Capricorn, Rupert represents the folly of your sign; someone who is so driven to success that they run over the people around them. You’re an absolute boss, and few zodiacs can keep up with your intelligence and determination, but don’t let that cloud your empathy. You also tend to hold grudges, with no desire to repair those relationships. Remember that sometimes, the most intelligent thing you can do for yourself, is to let go of the negativity.

Aquarius – Keeley Jones

You can take many forms, Aquarius; it’s part of your charming personality. Much like Keeley, you’re not afraid of your own power, and have no problem speaking up when something isn’t right. You fall hard and fast for lovers, but often need your own space to breathe. You can lack in the communication department, but you’re a great ally to the people you love. With an ear that’s always open, and eyes that never miss a detail, Keeley represents the best that Aquarius has to offer.

Pisces – Sam Obisanya

Pisces, you’re the most empathetic of the zodiac signs, and the least likely to lash out in anger. As a water sign, emotions can be very overwhelming to you, but your loyalty helps you stick out even the toughest of situations. As we’ve seen in Sam, you’re an optimist by nature, and can be a positive emotional influence on everyone around you. Keep loving without limits, Pisces, and the favor will always be returned.

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