The Progression of Morty Smith Throughout Rick and Morty

progression Morty Smith

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Rick Sanchez may have been the most-watched character when Rick and Morty first started. Morty was treated like less than a sidekick by Rick, as Rick had all the technological equipment and the scientific know-how that Morty was just there for the ride. Rick and Morty started in 2013 with the release of the first season and has nearly released a new season each year, with delays between production and COVID, but since the fifth season, Rick and Morty have been on a steady release schedule. Although in the past we’ve detailed Rick Sanchez’s unlikely progression towards being a better human, here we’ve detailed Morty Smith and the progression of Morty Smith, the youngest member of the Smith family in Rick and Morty, following the finale of the sixth season.

Morty School

Credit: Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

As stated above, Rick and Morty started in 2013. The series instantly gave future fans a taste of the science fiction adventures between the grandfather and his grandson, inspired by Marty and Doc of Back to the Future, which has constantly separated itself from similar series with its outrageousness. From interdimensional travel to floating intelligent farts and far beyond, Rick and Morty have been everything from dramatic and heartening to extremely comedic and dark. Not long into the first season of Ricky and Morty, the darker elements, such as Rick being hunted by countless versions of himself across all space and time, were revealed. Events such as that have profoundly impacted Morty’s life and his physical body, mind, and beyond. While the series first started and showcased a naive Morty that was willing to follow Rick into the darkest corners of the universe for literally the most minuscule reason, such as fruit in the first episode which leaves Morty with temporarily shattered legs, but as the series progressed Morty has quickly learned of not only the deceit that Rick was capable of but also most of the tricks that Rick was able to use against Morty. While Morty, in earlier seasons, showcased the character as a typical teenager, the more recent seasons show a more grown Morty, aware of Rick’s antics and tricks. Still, the progression of Morty Smith in Rick and Morty can be noted almost constantly in each episode, especially when the series touches on more serious notes.

Morty Super Sword Suit

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Morty Smith in Earlier Seasons

In the earliest season of Rick and Morty, Morty Smith showed little progression. The character was locked as the sidekick to Rick, but early in the series, we saw that Rick could relocate to a new world when the current one was savagely destroyed due to his actions. In the earliest episodes of Rick and Morty, Morty is continually nervous and stressed over everything from the simple to the world-ending. He often objects to Rick’s immortalizing decisions, being more of a conscience for Rick, as he has shown to lack one in every sense. At the end of the last episode of the first season of Rick and Morty, the duo was informed of Evil Rick and his Morty, the two behind various disasters that have plagued Morty, and mostly Rick, for the entirety of the season, and more, as revealed later in the series. It was also revealed that Evil Morty controlled Evil Rick with a mind-control eyepatch, as noted by the receiver in his deceased body. Another Morty had discovered that President Morty, Evil Morty, and Eyepatch Morty are the same person. These events were relatively early in the series compared to the now completely-aired season 6, but the season also gave us the groundbreaking reveal of a static timeline for the series as a whole. Still, in the season 5 finale, when we technically saw the character last, the progression of Evil Morty Smith was shown too when he killed thousands of Ricks and Mortys and managed to escape, all after capturing Rick C-137 and stealing valuable information on how to infiltrate The Citadel from his brain.

progression Morty Smith

Credit: Rick and Morty

Morty Smith in Recent Seasons

While Morty Smith was generally a follower of Rick for the first season, the introduction of President Morty and Eyepatch Morty,  following the season one finale, changed the outlook towards Morty from all parties differently. It was noted that there are not only versions of Rick, a contentious issue, but also versions of Morty. After much confusion about their separate appearances, President Morty and Eyepatch Morty was revealed to be the same character, but the mystery behind Evil Morty has always been intriguing. In recent seasons, but mainly since the inclusion of President Morty, fans have looked at the character differently, hoping to find any dark traits or insights into our Morty what could be President Morty. However, the progression of Morty Smith in Rick and Morty extends far beyond just the Morty that Rick C-137 has been with, and started half the show’s lifetime ago in season 3, as an episode of the series detailed various lifestyles within the Citadel and surrounding its borders. While the episode detailed Morty Smiths of other dimensions, as well as Ricks, the progression of Morty Smith in Rick and Morty, C-137, has been more to expect every action that Rick would do and outsmart him, in ways that even surprise Rick sometimes. All episodes of Rick and Morty have had meta dialogue that acknowledges Rick and Morty is a television series. Still, the show’s latest season had an episode that was the most meta yet, with characters like Previous Leon and references to the title sequence.

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