Elektra vs. Deadpool: Who Wins?

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It’s usually kind of tough to call a fight in favor of one character or another when they’re so similarly skilled, but this battle between Deadpool and Elektra feels like it would have a definitive winner eventually. In terms of fighting skills, these two are evenly matched since they’re both deadly assassins that have been in business for a while and know how to conduct themselves in a fight. But when it comes down to who’s going to be the most effective against the other, Deadpool kind of takes the ball and runs with it since, well, his unpredictable nature is tough for anyone to deal with, even him. The fact that his brain is like a series of tripwires just waiting to be set off by a random thought is enough to make it obvious that he’s not a stable or safe individual to be around, even in the best of times.  Elektra is a bit smarter than Deadpool and would be able to stand her ground for a while, but when everything is said and done, it still feels that Deadpool takes the cake in this instance since it’s fair to state that he has a few things working for him that might annoy the hell out of Elektra. 

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The two of them would tear at each other if came down to hand to hand, and the fight would be spectacular. 

Both of these combatants are highly trained and are fully capable of punching above their weight limit when it comes to the utilization of their martial skills. Elektra has managed to take on a number of different opponents and walk away, but the fact that she’s been killed by Bullseye in the past makes one wonder if she would last that long against Deadpool. One has to remember that Wade Wilson isn’t afraid of getting up close and personal and is fully ready to use blades and guns in tandem in order to end a fight. This style of fighting would favor both of them initially, but there are a couple of reasons that Deadpool would start to wear Elektra down eventually. 

Deadpool’s healing factor allows him to be far more reckless than Elektra. 

The fact is that Elektra can’t heal as fast as Deadpool, and this would start to make a difference since no matter how many times she pierced, cut, or bludgeoned Deadpool, he would continue to heal. Even hitting pressure points might not work since it’s been up for debate whether this would even slow Wade down. Plus, the fact is that killing him isn’t really possible unless some cosmic shift occurs since Thanos made it clear that he didn’t want Deadpool anywhere near Lady Death a while ago, and since she’s the personification of the grim reaper in the Marvel Universe, it’s fair to say that the mad titan would do anything and everything to keep Wade alive. But barring that, his healing factor works wonders since it starts to heal him as soon as he’s wounded, which means that Elektra would be in for a very long night. 

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The hypnotism that Elektra is capable of wouldn’t work that well on Wade. 

There’s no doubt that both characters have evolved a bit over the years and that some of the abilities they have are new to a few fans. But anything that has to do with the mind wouldn’t work quite as well on Wade since, like it or not, his mental state is one of his greatest strengths and weaknesses. Considering that he knows that he’s a comic book character, it’s fair to say that his mind is one of the slipperiest in the Marvel Universe as it’s constantly healing and the firing of his neurons brings to mind firecrackers being lit and sparking off at random intervals. Wade isn’t the kind of guy that’s going to be taken in by a few illusions or a bit of trickery from someone like Elektra. The moment she tried, he might start laughing and asking if she could do any other amusing little tricks. 

Elektra’s best bet would be to incapacitate Wade and hope that he wouldn’t follow after her. 

It’s not impossible to think that Elektra would be able to find a way to take Wade down and knock him out for a bit. But after that, it would be wise for her to beat her feet and hope that he didn’t wake up with a grudge, since, in the long run, she has no way to put Wade down for good. If she were to stand and fight for a prolonged period of time, Elektra would likely lose her cool with Wade’s constant jabbering, or she would slip up and leave him an opening, which would bring an end to the fight rather quickly. 

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