Cable vs. Deathstroke: Who Wins?

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Taking two of the deadliest men from two different universes and throwing them at each other feels like a favorite pastime at this point since trying to pit DC and Marvel characters against each other is something that tends to create a healthy debate or a severe argument that doesn’t have a definitive end to it. Cable and Deathstroke are two of the most hardcore individuals around when it comes to the comics, and it feels safe to say that these two characters would be able to counter each other in many ways if they were ever to meet on the big screen. Just picture Josh Brolin’s character taking on Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, and then imagine the chaos that would ensue if the two were given opposite goals that led to the same end. It’s already been seen that Cable can take on Deadpool and cause a great deal of damage to the antihero as well as to their surroundings, and it’s fair to think that this would be reminiscent of that fight since the idea that Deadpool was copied from Deathstroke doesn’t take a wild stretch of the imagination. Unlike Deadpool, though, Deathstroke would be all business.  

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Cable’s telepathy would come into focus.

I already know that DC fans would be stating that Deathstroke has a resistance to mind control since the serum he was given allows him a greater amount of mental discipline than many, but Cable’s telepathy might actually be stronger than what Deathstroke is used to. If not, then it’s still a boon to the futuristic mercenary since, despite the fact that Slade’s mind can’t be penetrated, it doesn’t mean that Cable wouldn’t be able to figure out what Deathstroke’s next move would be. Unlike Deadpool, Slade isn’t quite as chaotic and does follow a set plan a lot of times, even if he has to deviate from time to time. It’s not likely that Cable would have to delve too deeply into Slade’s mind to figure out what he was about to do next, which would be a huge advantage in this fight. Cable is all about being prepared, but being at least two to three steps ahead of your enemy doesn’t hurt either.

Deathstroke would need to become unpredictable in a hurry.

Slade knows how to adapt to the battlefield as he needs to, but there are a few ways that Cable might be able to trip him up and ensure that Slade wouldn’t be able to gain his bearings in time to counter one attack or another. For one, the telepathy that was just mentioned would be enough to keep Slade on his toes since if Cable was able to head him off more than once when it came to the fight, Slade would have to adjust on the fly and be even better prepared than Cable, and apart from Batman, that’s kind of hard to do since Cable is another individual that knows how to come ready for just about anything. But where Slade is also lacking is the fact that, unlike his Marvel counterpart, Deadpool, he isn’t nearly as chaotic, meaning that he can’t turn on a dime in a fight and become something he’s not. Considering that Cable has beaten Deadpool before, it’s not hard to assume that he can take on Deathstroke and win.

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The collateral damage these two would cause would be considerable.

Depending upon the level of animosity that these two might feel toward one another, it’s not hard at all to think that they would cause a great deal of damage to their surrounding area when trying to end each other. Given that the match in question would be a death match, one has to wonder if Deathstroke would be carrying the type of armament that would be possible to make Cable think twice about trying to get up close and personal. Cable is no slouch in the fighting department, but quite often, he appears to prefer fighting from a distance, and this feels as though it would even things up a bit and give Slade a better chance to dish out some damage before going down. But there’s no doubt about it. The surrounding area would suffer the worst.

The final victory wouldn’t be easy.

If Cable were at full power, it does feel likely that he would stomp Slade in a second. But the trick with Cable is that he’s rarely, if ever, at full power thanks to the techno-organic virus that’s been ravaging his body since he was very young. Even with this virus in play, though, he’s still a serious threat to anyone who crosses his path, at least those who are in his weight class and can give him a challenge. Unfortunately for Deathstroke, he’s kind of outclassed, but he wouldn’t go down easily.

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