Why Lady Death Should be a Part of the MCU

Why Lady Death Should be a Part of the MCU

Why Lady Death Should be a Part of the MCU

It’s already been stated that we probably won’t see Lady Death in the MCU, but as a lot of people know by now, anything can happen and things can change every now and then if people really have the chance to sit and think about what the fans want to see. It’s true that not everything should make it into the MCU since it’s possible that the stories might suffer for it. But one of the biggest and kind regrettable changes, especially since it made Thanos more of a misunderstood villain than the death-loving tyrant he was in the Infinity Gauntlet series, is the fact that Lady Death wasn’t there. As anyone can likely guess, Lady Death is the personification of Death in the Marvel universe and she’s been the love interest of both Thanos and Deadpool. In fact, Thanos and Deadpool have fought over her, or rather, Thanos came close to ending Deadpool for good until he realized that this would get him closer to Death, which meant that Thanos made it impossible for Wade to die so that he couldn’t covet the mistress that the tyrant coveted. 

Yes, there was a love triangle in the Marvel universe that involved Lady Death. It’s not as weird as it sounds since Thanos loves death and so does Deadpool, but the latter is a different kind of love altogether, as anyone could probably come to realize on their own. But bringing her into the MCU could prove to be interesting since as a character, Death is usually a very quiet and enigmatic individual that doesn’t interfere with anything beyond her own duties as a cosmic and metaphysical being. But writing in a few different stories for Lady Death feels like it would be intriguing simply because the figure is someone that absolutely can’t be beaten without upsetting the natural order of things, which means there’s a story to be had there for certain if only those in charge would give it the green light. 

The concern that she might be too powerful is one issue that is hard to get around since Lady Death is after all something that comes for everyone and is as close to being omnipotent and omnipresent as a character can be. But as it’s already been seen in the MCU there are ways of doing things that can bring any character down a few notches, so it’s hard to think that this wouldn’t be possible with this individual since there’s always a way to disrupt and de-power an individual, even a powerful one. It might not be easy, and it’s certainly not without risks, but it could be done. The type of story that would need to be written in though would likely disrupt the MCU a bit, and honestly, it sounds like something that might be worth a look since it could shake up the entire franchise for a bit and possibly wreak a bit of havoc. Those that might be against it are likely those that don’t think that messing with the natural order of things would be a smart idea. If that’s the case then they might need to explain Endgame and how time travel apparently didn’t work the way so many think that it needs to. 

Another reason why this would make sense and why it should eventually happen is that by excluding any possibility of a Marvel character coming into the mix at one point it becomes necessary to think that there will be other characters that might not make the cut, and there goes the whole inclusive vibe and a great deal of the credibility that the MCU has been building for a while now. That might sound like a silly argument, but when one really thinks about it, trying to exclude even one character on the basis that someone won’t like them or be offended by them, or that they won’t work in one way or another, is a bit ridiculous. There are Celestials coming to the MCU for crying out loud, and if one has to start bemoaning the idea of over-powered characters then the hypocrisy is going to flow thick and heavy since the Celestials are some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe given that they can affect entire planets with little to no effort. 

Lady Death is, for all intents and purposes, a character that usually minds her own business and doesn’t take sides in any conflict. With this in mind, it would be interesting to see if she was suddenly drawn into action in a way that would make her appear far less powerful because something had been done that might have robbed her of the one purpose that she’s there for. But while the story might take some careful planning and writing, it would still be a welcome addition to the MCU, hopefully. 

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