Classic Mismatch: Beast Boy vs. Wolverine

Classic Mismatch: Beast Boy vs. Wolverine
Classic Mismatch: Beast Boy vs. Wolverine

Credit: Marvel Comics

Amazingly, people are split on the idea of who would win in a fight between Wolverine and Beast Boy, even if a good number of people feel that this is a mismatch in favor of Logan since the truth is that Beast Boy, however good of a fighter he might be and even if he has learned to be a leader, isn’t enough to handle the sheer ferocity that Wolverine can bring to a fight. Not only that, but it’s fair to say that Logan’s olfactory senses are quite a bit better than Beast Boy’s, not to mention Logan’s durability and healing factor. Beast Boy does have regeneration as a capability, but it remains to be seen how well that might work when Logan puts the ability to the test. The fact that Beast Boy can change his form into just about any animal he recognizes wouldn’t be likely to throw Logan off that much since any form Beast Boy took would be just another target to the Canadian mutant. It does feel that BB could find a way to negate Logan’s advantages when possible, but it’s still a little too likely that Logan would dice BB up into pieces. 

Beast Boy (Origin) - Comic Basics

credit: DC Comics

Wolverine has taken on a lot of different animals and other threats. There isn’t a lot that BB could do to disturb him. 

There are a lot of comments online that state that BB could turn into a T. Rex or something alien and take Logan out, which is kind of amusing, really, since the fact is that Logan has taken on extraterrestrial species and earthbound creatures alike and has a very good idea of how to fight his way out of trouble. Turning into various animals isn’t going to help BB that much since it’s easy to state that none of his forms are going to help him when Logan tries to take pieces from his body. His regeneration is no doubt going to be put to the test since once Logan starts to cut, he’s not bound to stop until he finally puts BB down for the count or until the green-skinned Teen Titan finally gives up and admits that he can’t handle the mutant. 

Logan’s sense of smell is constant, meaning once he has BB’s scent, he would likely be able to track him and even ambush BB. 

While BB’s senses can be heightened depending on his form, it doesn’t appear that he takes on any special qualities other than the physical traits that each animal possesses, meaning he can fly, has great strength, and his senses will be heightened. But Wolverine’s incredible sense of smell would be an effective way for him to hunt this opponent down and keep track of him. On top of that, Wolverine has other ways of keeping tabs on those that he’s hunting or those who are hunting him. This is not the type of individual that BB would want to get caught up with since, despite what the Titans have faced, Wolverine is far more vicious than many enemies that the Teen Titans have faced off against over the years. 

Marvel's Wolverine Anime Is Now Streaming on Youtube

credit: Marvel Comics

BB doesn’t likely have anything to counter adamantium. 

Unlike a few people in the DC universe, it’s easy to think that BB’s skin is going to give way to adamantium since there’s nothing to say that he’s super-tough or anything or that the thickness of his skin is going to equal that of the Hulk or Superman. Unless BB has been given a serious upgrade over the years, Logan’s first hit is going to take a good chunk out of him, and unless BB is willing to quit and surrender or finds a way to run or fly off, he’s going to be one hurting unit. He might have fighting skills, and he might be able to hold his own in a tussle with other enemies, but one thing that’s always pushed but rarely ever seen is that Wolverine has been through hell a few times, literally in fact, but one thing he hasn’t done a lot of is giving up. Even if BB did manage to harm Logan, it’s best to think that Logan would make him pay dearly for every hit. 

BB doesn’t have Logan’s lifetime of experience in combat. 

BB is still in his 20s, and Logan has been alive well over a century, maybe two. In that time, he’s learned how to fight, track, hunt, and do a bunch of things that would help him to overwhelm BB in a lot of ways. Thinking that BB has any chance in a fight like this is quaint since it’s very true that the green-skinned hero could do something to Logan, but all that would amount to is making the mutant mad, which is a bad thing for Beast Boy. 

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