What Lantern Colors are Batman’s Sidekicks?

What Lantern Colors are Batman’s Sidekicks?
What Lantern Colors are Batman’s Sidekicks?

credit: DC Comics

What Lantern colors were Batman’s sidekicks? The sidekicks in question were Oracle, Batgirl, and Robin, aka Damian Wayne. One had to expect that, at some point, the Lanter Corps would reach out to other big-name characters in the DC universe. The Bat family was bound to be noticed as prime candidates for several reasons. 

But the ring colors that were used for each character couldn’t have come as that much of a surprise. Damian’s is, without any doubt, the most obvious. The hold that the League of Shadows had over him made this selection easy to guess. Rage and anger fuel Damian since he’s still a very angry individual. A red ring was always the obvious choice. 

For Batgirl, Hope, signified by a blue ring, wasn’t quite as obvious, but it suited her. As for Barbara, one could have stated that Hope was strong, but Will was even stronger. After becoming Oracle, it was easy to see that she hadn’t lost hope. But it was easier to see that her will was stronger than many others. 

One thing that would have been kind of obvious to grant this group would have been green rings. The willpower of those who hang around Batman is typically quite strong. But the fact is that other dominant traits were utilized to differentiate them. 

What Lantern Colors are Batman’s Sidekicks?

credit: DC Comics

It kind of feels that Batman could wield other rings

Batman is a veritable hodgepodge of emotions that are constantly at war with each. One couldn’t tell to look at him since it usually appears that he’s just a stoic person. But his anger, his fear, and his will are extraordinarily tough. His rage would no doubt be kind of unsettling since it doesn’t come out as often. 

A lot of fans would likely state that Batman could take the power and do something great with it. But it does feel that giving the dark knight too much is just asking for trouble. This is the guy that keeps tabs on his more powerful allies so that he can take them down if he needs to. Giving him power like this feels like a very bad idea. But then again, putting him on equal standing with other heroes is interesting. 

The red ring is essentially a death sentence 

The red ring is dangerous since it negates everything else and replaces the bearer’s blood with plasma that is used for various purposes. Taking off this ring is possible, but it generally kills the wearer unless there’s a blue ring bearer around that can facilitate easier removal. The fact is that it fits those who have a serious amount of rage in their heart, and it replaces everything but the rage. 

If the bearer takes it off or even allows themselves to love, it could mean death. Thanks to plot armor, there are other ways to take a red ring off without dying. But it’s exceedingly tough since it requires a great deal of hope and even will. One thing the Bat family has never experienced a shortage of is will or hope. 

What Lantern Colors are Batman’s Sidekicks?

credit: DC Comics

There is an issue with granting rings to other powerful beings

Rings have been given to other characters in the DC universe, and in theory, it sounds good. But there are times when one has to wonder if metahumans really need a ring. The added power of a ring, no matter the color, feels like a bad idea. The Bat family has made good use of their own rings in the past. But at the same time, this is a group of humans that aren’t already powerful.

Giving the ring to someone like Flash or Wonder Woman feels like a recipe for disaster. If not for the fact that writers of DC comics create insanely good heroes, it’s very possible that the DC universe would have been threatened by the heroes as well as the villains. Thinking of Batman or any of his sidekicks abusing power is tough since their discipline is so great. 

Still, it is thought that if such a thing were to happen, it would become a serious ‘I told you so’ moment. 

Batman with a power ring feels like overkill

The fact is that Batman and his sidekicks already have access to an entire arsenal of weapons. They tend to have weaponry that can take down pretty much anything or anyone. Giving them rings that can cause untold destruction tips the scales in a way that’s not necessarily even. 

Out of all the weapons in the DC universe, the power rings are some of the deadliest without a doubt. More than that, they’re able to choose their bearer. That makes it kind of confusing to understand why certain characters have been given a ring over the years. 

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