DC and Marvel Might Bring the Amalgamated Universe Back for Another Look


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Trying to keep up with every event in the comics is tough since, despite the fact that DC and Marvel have the market cornered when it comes to mainstream stories that attract millions of readers, there are plenty of storylines that people don’t recall. One of those happens to be a pairing of the two universes that occurred back in 1996 when it was noted that the Marvel and DC heroes and villains had been merged into singular beings that took various elements from both franchises and blended them into new characters. This invites the idea of what Batman and Wolverine would look like if their greatest elements were combined into one character, or what kind of individual might be derived from Captain America and Superman, and so on. The idea has come up apparently following a DC storyline that saw the re-emergence of the Anti-Monitor, which facilitated the need for Flash and Kid Flash to race through the multiverse in an attempt to summon aid to stop the universe-destroying villain, which was successful. What the two saw during their travels, however, was an odd world in which every hero and villain was a strange amalgamation of individuals they recognized with elements of others that they didn’t. The idea that this could create another DC/Marvel crossover has already been teased, but it would be great if it came true. 

credit: DC/Marvel Amalgam

The idea of another amalgamation makes one feel that this universe could be seriously OP.

When looking at how certain heroes and villains could be combined from the DC and Marvel universes, it’s very easy to see how they could be seriously overpowered and how they might create an imbalance in their own universe or how things could be insanely dangerous to other universes. But the idea that the Amalgam is contained is kind of interesting since the fact that there are so many different abilities between DC and Marvel could help form the argument that the Amalgam absolutely needs to be cut off, or the two universes would need a crossover to deal with any issue that might come from this direction. Right now, it would appear that simple observation is the goal, but even that might be enough to create an issue between the three universes. Fans definitely appear to hope that might be the case. 

Many of the combinations are interesting, but some feel a bit silly. 

Some of the combos that were introduced in Amalgam were seriously impressive, but others felt as though they were tossed in a blender as part of a twisted experiment. Pairing Howard the Duck and Lobo were odd, to say the least, and creating a combination of Doctor Doom and Doomsday was bound to happen thanks to their names, but it’s still an odd pairing since imagining a creature as big and powerful as Doomsday with Doctor Doom’s intellect is, well, a little intimidating. It’s interesting to think of how those in charge came up with some of the pairings, especially given that there are a lot of characters between DC and Marvel that share several similarities. What’s really interesting to think about, though, is whether or not the same weaknesses will apply or if the amalgamated characters will be seen to shore up the gaps in their armor, so to speak. Considering that it’s been well over two decades since the comic was released, it’s fair to think that a lot of people have forgotten about this entirely and might need a refresher course. 

credit: DC/Marvel Amalgam

The hope that this could become a series or a movie doesn’t need to be voiced; it’s kind of obvious.

The truth is that fans have been wanting to see this type of crossover on TV and in the movies for a while now, but it’s up to those at DC and Marvel to come together and decide when they want to make this happen. It does feel that very few people would oppose such a thing, but perhaps, since two companies co-own the Amalgam, it will be a better idea to see if a return to the comics is successful enough to warrant moving forward with any other projects. The fans aren’t going to say nay, that much is certain, but from a monetary standpoint, it’s fair to think that both companies need to know exactly how they want things to go.  

When combined, DC and Marvel create a force that few other comic franchises could hope to stand against. 

Over the years, it’s been established that quite a few Marvel and DC fans are always going to argue about who has the most powerful heroes, who is the most ridiculous for this or that, and who is the most dominant company. But the truth is that while people can love either one or both, the combined might of these two impressive franchises is even more impressive when they come together to create something that uses all their resources. One has to wonder if a contender will ever appear that can challenge these two titans. 

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