10 Marvel Heroes with the Strangest Weaknesses

10 Marvel Heroes with the Strangest Weaknesses

10 Marvel Heroes with the Strangest Weaknesses

Most people that are into superheroes don’t want to think about their weaknesses since anything that makes a hero appear any less in their eyes isn’t a good thing. But just about every superhero has some weakness that they can’t get over for one reason or another since it’s either a fault in their character or in their design since creating someone that can essentially do anything, beat anyone, and not suffer any obvious weaknesses apart from the fact that they rely on the writer to do anything, kind of makes for a boring superhero since it doesn’t offer up any kind of challenge that would make their story interesting. The thing that makes a hero interesting, sometimes, is how they can work past their weaknesses and how they end up overcoming the challenges that might have waylaid them in the past or are still a concern. 

Here are the strangest weaknesses of a few Marvel characters. 

10. Wolverine – Powerful magnets

You can’t have bones covered with a metallic substance and hope to be immune to the effects of a strong enough magnet from time to time. After all, Magneto has made it a point to target Wolverine more than once in the comics using this very aspect. The fact that Wolverine can pass through a metal detector in the comics is kind of interesting, but when it comes to having a magnetic personality (I had to do it), he’s kind of out of luck. 

9. Black Panther – Sonic waves

It’s a little bit amusing that T’Challa’s vibranium suit can withstand a tremendous amount of damage and then channel it into a fierce attack, but he’s affected by sound waves in a completely different manner. This was seen in the Black Panther movie when he and Killmonger had engaged in the final battle, and the sound waves were messing with their suits. So if a person can duplicate the right frequency, T’Challa would have been forced to adapt his suit in a different way. 

8. Deadpool – Cows

This is one of those times when you simply can’t predict a weakness since there was no way to tell what would get to Deadpool apart from his own insane antics. But yes, Deadpool has a thing about cows, and it’s not a phobia that he’s managed to get over either. But then if you can’t die there aren’t a lot of other weaknesses that would really scare a person. 

7. Red Hulk – His temper

Unlike the regular Hulk, Ross can actually start burning up if he gets too mad, since once he gets angry that fire kicks in and starts burning on the inside, not really doing any damage to start with, but building quickly as he continues to stoke his anger. A lot of people might be able to claim that their temper is their main fault but to think that it could kill a person, that’s intense. 

6. Domino – Chickens

This seriously does not make that much sense and feels as though it might be something that the writers threw in just for the hell of it to have a little fun with the fans. But thinking that a hardened mercenary would be phobic about a few feathered, clucking hens is kind of a wtf moment simply due to the fact that it’s not too hard to see how enemies could capitalize on this. 

5. Luke Cage – His own skin

That might not make a lot of sense at first, but one has to remember that almost nothing can penetrate Cage’s skin unless it’s something that happens to be tougher than he is. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t take massive internal damage. The breakdown is that in order to be operated on or have a bone set or even get minor surgery, someone like Wolverine would have to come along just to open him up. 

4. The Invisible Woman – Dust

People need to remember that the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four bends light around herself to turn invisible, but she doesn’t actually disappear. That means that during a battle, any substance that might get kicked up, like dust, could easily outline her figure and alert the bad guys to where she’s at. It’s the drawback of being an invisible character, even if there are a lot of upsides. 

3. Namor – Being out of the water

This one does make sense but it’s still an odd weakness for a half-breed to have since Namor isn’t a full-blood Atlantean. But the longer he’s out of the water the weaker he’ll get. In the water, he’s a formidable individual, but even there, pollution can cause a serious problem that can hamper him. 

2. Captain Britain – Self-confidence 

Imagine waking up and not feeling that great about yourself when you’re a superhero, and then realizing that your confidence is the reason that you’re able to do anything in the first place. This is kind of an odd limitation to put on any hero, but it’s one of the few Captain Britain possesses since being too far from home without his super suit is also a weakness he has. 

1. Wiccan – Loud noises

Most magic-users have attained the type of concentration that allows them to cast spells with a thought or with very little else, but Wiccan actually needs to hear his spells to know that he’s executed them correctly. So someone shouting at him or creating enough noise could be a problem. 


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