Five Reasons Why the Comic Book Thanos is the Best

Five Reasons Why the Comic Book Thanos is the Best

Five Reasons Why the Comic Book Thanos is the Best

Ever since he started showing up in the MCU, there’s been a lot of discussion about the mad titan, Thanos. As an Eternal with the Deviant strain, he’s one of the most powerful among his kind in the comics, and it’s been said that he would probably wipe the floor with the Eternals that we’ve seen on the screen, no matter that it feels as though their powers have been increased as well. And yet, since he’s been in the MCU, Thanos feels as though he’s suffered the same fate as many of the characters, he’s been shown in a manner that makes him less powerful, less impressive, and more on par with several of the characters that he would normally crush or walk all over in the comics.  Here are five reasons why Thanos is better in the comics. 

5. His interactions with others are a lot more interesting in the comics. 

All due respect to Josh Brolin, since he did a great job as the mad titan, but it almost felt as though Thanos was walking through each scene, and the only fight scene that he appeared entirely active in was against the Hulk in Infinity War. Even when he was up against the trio of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, he appeared to be going through the motions and not really struggling or even worrying about his chance of walking away. The character did this same thing in the comics, but it still felt a little more dynamic than it did on screen since Thanos isn’t a juggernaut that can’t be touched. 

4. He’s a lot tougher in the comics. 

As insanely tough as he is in the MCU, he’s even tougher in the comics since he’s withstood blows from some of the most powerful beings in existence and hasn’t flinched. In the MCU it feels as though a character like Galactus might be allowed to simply snuff Thanos out, or at least devastate him with a seriously powerful attack. In the comics he’s been damaged, he’s been wounded, and he’s been hurt, but it usually takes someone that’s on his level or is above him in terms of power. That doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s a sight to see since watching Thanos get put on his butt is kind of fun, but it also means that he went up against someone that’s about as powerful as it gets. 

3. He’s already gone back and forth between being a lawful evil to a chaotic evil individual. 

Thanos has been hard to figure out at times since he’s helped out those that are trying to do right and he’s been bent toward his less than honorable intentions at times, but for one reason or another, it’s been accepted that he’s a necessary evil at times while an untenable evil at others. In other words, he keeps people guessing when it comes to his motives, and yet many have already made it known that he’ll act in his best interests more often than not, meaning he has a certain moral ambiguity that confuses the hell out of some people but is fully accepted when the moment is right. 

2. His power levels are where they should be according to his evolution through the comics. 

This is a character that can take on cosmic beings and not flinch at times, and at other times he has enough intelligence and cunning to take on characters out of his weight class while holding methods and items in reserve that can swing the fight in his favor. In the comics, Thanos doesn’t really go into a fight without knowing what he’s getting into, while the Thanos in the MCU heard a challenge in facing the Avengers, and simply went for it. Between the comic and MCU version, Thanos is better in the comics since he usually has a contingency or two up his sleeve that can make a huge difference in a battle. 

1. He’s easier to take seriously when he’s not acting like an activist. 

Look at it this way, the Thanos in the comics was a worshipper of Lady Death, which made him feel like a lovesick puppy at times, but it also made him far more dangerous since he was so desperate to prove himself to the personification of Death. The only problem was that as a force of nature she couldn’t really show a lot of favoritism, and kept spurning him. But when he upset the natural order, Death paid attention since it was mucking up the job she was supposed to be doing. But the comic book version was infinitely scarier due to his motives, while the MCU version was out to balance things without realizing that life is about balance and imbalance, since like any and all opposites, they can’t really be separated without sending everything into utter confusion.  Thanos is actually a villain in the comics, but in the MCU, no matter how well he’s acted, he still feels like a lesser version. 

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