Which Batgirl Villain Will Be The Main Antagonist In The Movie?

Which Batgirl Villain Will Be The Main Antagonist In The Movie?

Which Batgirl Villain Will Be The Main Antagonist In The Movie?

Well, it looks like the Batgirl movie is finally happening. After Joss Whedon dropped out back in 2017, I honestly had my doubts on whether or not it would happen. Will DC benefit from this movie? I do think Batgirl, or Barbara Gordon has become a more popular and intriguing character overtime, but why her? Why not give Nightwing his own movie or how about giving another go at Ben Affleck’s Batman movie? Call me crazy, but I still believe that can still happen. After the Snyder Cut was released back in March, I’m just sticking to the you never know mentality. Since the Batgirl movie will be released on HBO Max, that originally led me to believe that it will be separate from the mainstream DC Cinematic Universe. Or, could it be connected to Matt Reeves’ The Batman? Either way, a movie with Barbara Gordon did excite me.

I do believe Barbara Gordon has become a great enough character where a solo movie for her can work. She’s come a long way, from being the first Batgirl, to being crippled by the Joker and becoming Oracle, then once again taking on the cape and cowl to fight crime in Gotham. If the movie can show us just a glimpse of that journey, then I’m all for it.

And as for the subject on who is playing Batgirl, it’s a rather unknown actress named Leslie Grace. I have never seen In the Heights, which is apparently her most popular movie, so I can’t really say if this is a good choice for Barbara Gordon. This is probably a good thing, because now I’m going in not knowing what to expect. I hope she’s good, but while we’re on this subject, can we all just let it sink in that J.K. Simmons is apparently returning to reprise his role as James Gordon? Seriously, did anyone really see that coming? If this HBO Max Batgirl movie is connected to the DCEU, then maybe we can expect a Batfleck appearance? I would like to think so, but we still don’t know at what point in the DCEU timeline this movie will take place.

The DCEU Barbara Gordon might’ve been Batgirl before the events of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, or maybe this movie will show how she became Batgirl after the events of Justice League. Batfleck did have Robin as a sidekick at one point in his crimefighting days. That was, at least, until he was killed by the Joker. He most likely didn’t want any sidekicks after that, so I’m very curious to see how Batgirl will fit into this timeline.

Now since this movie is happening, I’m very curious to know one thing above all: which Batgirl villain will be the main antagonist? Perhaps I should correct that and say Batman villain, but Barbara has gone solo in the comics before. She was capable of handling some brutal and notorious criminals of Gotham City on her own, so some of those villains can be considered to be her own. The only question is, which of those villains is enough to carry a villain role in her movie?

This is a tough one, because many of the villains she has fought have been with Batman. Does that mean one of Batman’s villains can be the main antagonist in her movie? Not at all. We’ve seen famous Batman villains Black Mask and Victor Zsasz take on the main antagonists roles in the Birds of Prey movie. It was rather fitting, since Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey were fighting crime in Gotham, where Black Mask is a prominent crime lord. With that in mind, I think the Batgirl movie can benefit from having a major Batman villain be her main antagonist.

For instance, if you have another Gotham crime lord to rival Black Mask, you have the Penguin. He would be fitting as a villain for Batgirl, since they’ve had several encounters in the comics. Since he is more of a boss-type of villain, he would have a lot of influence in the criminal underworld of Gotham City, not to mention the amount of henchmen working for him. This could be a serious challenge for Batgirl, especially without Batman’s help. If Penguin does turn out to be the villain, then he’ll have some serious firepower working under him. The only reason I wouldn’t take him as the villain is because we’re already seeing Colin Farrell as the villain in The Batman. Granted, it’s a different version, but seeing two live-action Penguins so close would seem redundant.

Now if we’re talking about another villain who isn’t the boss-type, then we have more options. One villain that comes to mind is the pyromaniac villain called Firefly. If you don’t read too many comics, just check out two of the Arkham games. This villain soars around Gotham City and burns everything in his path simply because he loves to watch things burn. As a villain with no relatable motivations, he’s perfect for the physical threat for Batgirl. All he needs to do is go on his burning crusade in Gotham and Batgirl will fight him. In fact, he already confirms to exist in the DCEU, as he already fought Batman in a prequel comic to Batman vs. Superman. Having Firefly reappear in the Batgirl movie can give him a chance to have his character really flush out.

Or perhaps the movie can go back to where it all began with Batgirl. The first villain she ever defeated in her crimefighting career was Killer Moth. This is a rather underused villain who is often considered to be a joke in the comics. However, I believe giving him the main antagonist role in the Batgirl movie can make him a better villain. He was typically written as an “anti-Batman” villain in the comics, due to his gadgetry, vehicle, and opening his services to Gotham’s criminal underworld. He’s basically a criminal-for-hire, which is the right kind of villain for a fledgling Batgirl to go up against.

Now if this movie wants to take a more serious route, then they can add a villain like Mr. Freeze. Now this would be an unexpected choice, considering how Mr. Freeze is closely associated with Batman. But Barbara Gordon is known for being one of the more light-headed and wisest members of the Bat family. Having her fight Mr. Freeze would lead to some emotional encounters, where Barbara can even discover some things about herself. Is she fighting for justice, to follow in the steps of Batman, or will it remind her that her family is the most important thing worth fighting for? All of these elements can be explored in her movie, but it also depends on which villain she’s fighting.

What are your thoughts, DC fans? If this Batgirl movie really is connected to the DCEU, then perhaps it can lead to a team-up with Supergirl. But after what we’ve seen with Batman fighting Superman, an interaction between their young female sidekicks can lead to another epic battle.Snyder Cut

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