Five Mutants That The MCU Should Develop

Five Mutants That The MCU Should Develop

Plenty of fans are ready to see the X-Men come to the big screen or possibly even to Disny+, but when that’s going to happen is kind of hard to say since Disney is telling people that it will happen, just not when. But it would be nice this time around if more mutants had the chance to shine than has happened in the past since to be fair, the X-Men movies really only focused on a few characters when the truth is that there are a lot of mutants that have been involved with the X-Men or been a part of the team over the years. There are definitely favorites that people would like to see, but there’s also the hope that the MCU will focus on other storylines and widen the scope when it comes to the X-Men since there are a lot of interesting characters that have come from this idea over the past few decades that they’ve existed in Marvel. If the Mouse House could shift the lens over to a few other heroes that would be awesome.  Here are a few mutants that the MCU could hopefully consider when the X-Men get started. 

5. Hope Summers

This character might be chalked up to wishful thinking since not only is she extremely powerful but she does have a time travel story that might not be in Disney’s interests. Hope is also the only person that’s been able to handle the Phoenix force without being corrupted by it and is an Omega-level mutant that could be a serious game-changer in the MCU. Given that time travel isn’t such a big deal when one really thinks about it, the level of power that Hope wields is the kind that might get dampened, which would surely infuriate a lot of Marvel fans since we’ve already seen it happen more than once. 

4. Husk 

Husk has the kind of power that might remind people of Darwin from X-Men: First Class, but her power is a bit freakier since her skin does evolve to whatever situation she’s in, but in order to gain the benefit she has to rip her outer skin off as it becomes useless at that point. This would no doubt freak a lot of people out simply because watching anyone rip their skin off is terrifying and gross. But from a cinematic point of view, it would be kind of cool since it feels like it might be something that would get the attention of a lot of people if only because it is pretty gross in a ‘have to look’ kind of way. 

3. Dust

A lot of people might see this as a means of diversifying among the X-Men, and possibly see it as a positive thing since Dust is a Sunni Muslim, which would change things up a bit to be certain. But her power is actually kind of cool since it would lend itself nicely to CGI given that she can morph her body into sand-like particles and move about undetected by most people. This could be a great addition to the team, but it remains to be seen if she would be interesting enough to highlight for more than a few minutes. She might also be smart to bring in if the World War Hulk idea ever takes root. 

2. Marrow

There’s a good chance we’ve already seen a couple of versions of Marrow in Deadpool when Wade Wilson first went into the program, and in X-Men 3, where the character was male but had the same ability to produce bone weapons. But introducing Marrow in her original form would be insane and definitely awesome given that her mastery and control over her skeletal structure and her ability to grow and produce bone weaponry and armor is something that would play out in great cinematic fashion. Adding her into the mix would make the X-Men just a little better, and would likely bring forth a character that people might like. 

1. Dazzler

As one of the most underrated mutants in the comics, Dazzler doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of the same feelings that many of the other X-Men do. In fact, she didn’t want to be a part of the team for a long time. But on the issue of having a power that doesn’t help anyone, Dazzler’s powers have evolved over time and she does have a few offensive capabilities that do focus around her power set. That being said, she would be one of the mutants that a lot of long-time Marvel fans would love to see since her debut is long overdue and it would be great just to include her. But we’ll see what Disney has to say about this. 

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