Yes, We Want World War Hulk in the MCU

Yes, We Want World War Hulk in the MCU

There are a few obvious flaws in thinking that World War Hulk would look anything like what people remember, and it has to do with people who are already missing from the story, people that might not be a part of the MCU at the moment, and several other elements that would need to be streamlined in order to get things rolling. World War Hulk was a big deal since as the title suggests, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe declared open war on the world thanks to the actions of the Illuminati. This story actually spanned over a few different comics and involved a lot of heroes that either agreed or disagreed with the Hulk, since his banishment into deep space after one too many rampages left the Illuminati no choice but to find a spot to drop him where he wouldn’t do any further harm to the citizens of earth. The funny thing about this is that with the gathered intelligence and wisdom of the group it’s hard to think that they couldn’t come up with a way to neutralize or somehow control the Hulk or reach Dr. Banner on a level that would be far less manipulative. 

The only problem with the Hulk is that he usually wants to be left alone since he’s been unpredictable in a lot of ways since his creation, and yet he’s been a force for good as well. In the MCU, the current form of the Hulk is one that has seen Banner take over the big green form and create a balance between the two of them that works for everyone. It would take a seriously big relapse into the mindless beat he used to be to warrant the need to shoot him into space. Plus, we’ve already seen the Hulk on Sakaar, and it’s fair to think that he wouldn’t go back and simply remain docile. 

But the trick would be deciding what really sent him into another fury, and how the elements of this story would fuel the MCU version since it’s been said more than once, but it would appear that the MCU has no intention of sticking to the source material unless it’s something that really can’t be changed that much. When it comes to the Hulk though, things have been changed in a big way over the years since from Eric Bana to Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo, settling on a single character to play the Hulk has been kind of difficult. A lot of people have accepted Ruffalo fully as the Hulk, and to his credit, he’s done fairly well, but it’s still uncertain as to how World War Hulk would go down without introducing a lot of characters to start with. Upon reading the story, one would see that WWH manages to bring in the X-Men, the Inhumans, the Avengers, Ghost Rider, Sentry, and many who are in league with these heroes, so trying to make this another Endgame-level movie would be the best bet, but there would need to be a serious amount of investment in the story, meaning that it wouldn’t be happening any time soon, since the effort to build everything up would take a while by necessity, not to mention that it would require the inclusion of several other characters since taking on the Hulk and his Warbound wasn’t an easy task in the comics, especially given that the Warbound were just about as tough as the Hulk at his base level. 

If this could happen it could be something that would shake up the MCU even further since the Hulk has been a serious threat for a long time, especially when he’s not in the mood to be bothered. The only characters that have really ever been able to do anything to the Hulk are those that are able to shut him down with a one-two punch or those that can reach him on a different level. Of course, this is the MCU Hulk that we’re talking about, and the Ancient One managed to take him down by removing the soul of Banner from the Hulk’s body in one hit, so with that realization, it’s fair to say that the Hulk might not be as tough as he used to be, much like many characters in the movies. 

Still, seeing World War Hulk come to the big screen would be pretty cool since it’s something that can be built up to, and it can help to solidify the part of several heroes in the MCU in a big way since the Hulk is a major threat when he’s in a bad mood. Maybe it would even give the MCU the chance to bring in a few characters that people would love to see, such as the Sentry, or Ghost Rider. It might even be the key to giving She-Hulk her own movie after the TV show hits Disney+. It’s worth looking into anyway. 

Eric Bana

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