There’s No Cruella 2 Yet But Apparently a Cruella 3 is in Negotiations

There’s No Cruella 2 Yet But Apparently a Cruella 3 is in Negotiations

In the wake of the Scarlett Johansson issue, it would appear that Emma Stone is laying down her own word on the Cruella story since as of now it sounds as though Cruella 3 is being considered even though Cruella 2 hasn’t even come out, and in fact likely isn’t that far along at this time. Fast-tracking movies like this feels like a huge mistake, but then again I’m not a businessman so my opinion like many others is probably worthless in this effort, but the fact is that it still feels like a very bad idea. The concept of having a third movie might be perfectly okay, but giving the go-ahead before it’s seen how a second movie will perform is flirting with danger on a financial level that sounds kind of ridiculous to some folks, even if the first Cruella movie was received quite well and did earn its budget back eventually. It wasn’t exactly a humongous return on this movie and it’s likely that some folks are going to blame Disney for releasing it simultaneously in theaters and on their site.

But maybe more people need to look at the idea that Cruella, despite being the desired character in need of a prequel, wasn’t too hard to figure out before this prequel was made. But everyone wanted to know why she was the way she was because it’s become trendy to sympathize with the villain at this point, especially the worst among them. In Cruella’s case, it might be deemed that she had to become who she was simply to survive. Or maybe there were other reasons that people might glean from the movie since it’s not hard to think that plenty of people have their own interpretation of something that was fairly concrete on the hows and the whys when explaining how Cruella came to be who she was.

It does sound as though the third movie would cap off a trilogy, which is a plus, but it’s also a stretch to think that Cruella is going to be as anticipated as she was when the first movie was on the way to its release. One thing that’s often seen with fans is that if the sequel doesn’t live up to the original, they will turn away from another one most likely, though there will be those that might stick around long enough to see what the third movie is about. But planning this far ahead feels like a serious mistake that Disney is setting itself up for, even if it probably won’t be thanks to the hype and marketing that tend to go into these movies to make them appear more appealing. Cruell De Vil is a popular villain for a number of reasons, but pushing her in this manner could backfire in a big way, especially if the end of the third movie doesn’t tie into the original story. For one reason or another, sticking to the source material doesn’t appear to be a big trend at times, and even when it is adhered to it’s usually changed in such a way that it’s hard to recognize simply because the story dictated that things needed to be created in such a way.

Cruella is a story that people embraced because they wanted to and because they felt that it was something that had been a long time coming. The second and third movies feel like a giant cash grab to see if they can capitalize on the idea and make even more, which they likely will. The unfortunate part of this is that the story tends to become the secondary reason for the movie being made these days, as the dollar signs that are being seen are the primary goal that a lot of people push toward, rather than the idea that the story might be better if created in a manner that makes sense with the tale that was already released initially. That might sound like a lot of purist talk, and it probably would be if not for the fact that so many stories have been knocked out of true in the last decade. Tales that are still great in their original form are now being used as a basis for lackluster movies that might offer up bits of greatness here and there, but are otherwise glamorous pieces of fluff that are being cemented as the new favorites of many.

In other words, Cruella 2 and 3 are cash grabs being made by those that are already rolling in the profits. The only people that really need these movies are the production crews that are working diligently to make the stars look good, the same people that might be hurting the worst but are thought of the least. Part 3 will likely be given the green light, there’s no doubt of that.

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