An Homage to Vince Vaughn’s Trent in “Swingers”

An Homage to Vince Vaughn’s Trent in “Swingers”

It’s hard to believe that the movie Swingers is over 20 years old but I’ll never forget the movie that launched the careers of Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, and Ron Livingston.  The best thing about my experience with Swingers is that I saw the movie when I was 17 years old.  I personally don’t think there was a better time or place to have seen that movie in my life than my senior year of high school.  Perhaps seeing that movie in college or in your first 2-3 years out of college would have been equally as fun.  Anyway, it’ll go down to me as one of the best movies about single guy life in your early 20s of all-time.

Favreau and Vaughn captured exactly what its like to be a struggling young man just trying to make it in the world.  At the same time trying to give off the impression that you’re “big time” so you can land a lady.  Or at least Vaughn’s character Trent or “T” does.  To this day, I think Trent is far and away the best character that Vince Vaughn has ever played and I still think it’s his best performance in any movie he’s ever been in.

If you watch Vaughn closely in every single movie after Swingers, there’s a little bit of Trent going on in some way, shape, or form.  So to pay homage to the man who coined the phrase “you’re so money” (and I think “the bomb”) I’ve selected some of Trent’s top moments in Swingers.   Actually to tell you the truth, every single Trent moment is great so this is pretty much all of Trent:

All Growns Up

You’re so money

Like a Big Bear

Trent’s Audition

A Great Vibe

Playing Hockey

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