This Video Proves How Taskmaster Copies MCU Heroes

All one really has to do is look up the Taskmaster in the Marvel universe to get an idea of how dangerous he really is and how he does in fact have the fighting styles and tools of the Avengers well in hand. Thinking that he has everything that the group has is of course not realistic since he doesn’t have an Iron Man suit and he doesn’t have Thor or the Hulk’s immense strength or abilities. But he does have a shield, a bow and arrow, claws it would appear, and the ability to copy any fighting style after viewing it since that’s simply his character. Unfortunately for Black Widow this makes him a threat that she hasn’t always been able to beat since he’s like several Avengers rolled into one and in the movie he does have control of the Red Room where Natasha and many others were trained, so it’s fair to say that he has a lot of backup in case something does happen and he can’t take out his target. But the likelihood of Natasha taking down Taskmaster on her own is kind of next to none since unless she can take out Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Panther, and possibly herself all at once she’s kind of outclassed in a big way.

Unlike a lot of villains that tend to get caught and defeated thanks to hubris and various other factors, Taskmaster is the kind of mercenary that has managed to slip away on more than one occasion in the comics since he’s not only a great fighter but he does tend to throw a lot of his trainees at the enemy up until he’s forced to go toe to toe with someone. And the list of heroes he’s gone up against is actually pretty long since he’s tangled with a few powerhouses that by all rights should have been able to put him down. But his photographic reflexes, you read that right, give him a serious edge against many opponents so long as he can observe them and then copy their movements to perfection. This is how he’s able to be so good in a fight since once he understands a person’s movements, which doesn’t take long, he can find ways to counter and defeat them with a great deal of ease. He’s even gone toe to toe with Spider-Man in the past, and anyone thinking that Spidey is an easy opponent to beat needs to take into account that the wallcrawler has beaten some fairly powerful and vicious opponents in the past, so Taskmaster is in fact that good.

In fact one of the only characters that Taskmaster has had any real problems with is Deadpool, and that’s because the merc with a mouth is just that good, and he’s just that unpredictable. Liam McGuire of Screenrant has more to say on this matter. Trying to plan a course of action by watching Deadpool’s movements feels like it would be trying to gauge just way the wind is going to blow without using your sense of sight, damn near impossible. With anyone else, who has a definite style that can be analyzed and deciphered within a few minutes, Taskmaster is undeniably deadly since he typically can pull up any style that he’s seen and mop the floor with someone. The fight between him and Black Widow is undoubtedly going to be epic since the two of them are highly-trained individuals and yet Natasha has been trained to fight in the ways she’s been taught, with room for improvisation of course but also within the boundaries of what is deemed to be possible. Taskmaster is a character that is capable of countering just about anything an opponent throws at him so long as he’s seen them fight, which means that he’s an absolute nightmare against those that he’s observed.

He’s been beaten before, that’s obvious to assume, but it’s been on occasions when that one glaring weakness in his skill set is exposed because someone knows about it or they got lucky and somehow tricked him by switching it up midstream. In the movie thus far it would appear that Natasha and her family are going to be going toe to toe with the mercenary, which of course is bound to be one of the best parts. But how she and the others are going to take Taskmaster down, or at least give him cause for concern, is hard to say since his varied skills have been enough to give the Avengers pause in the past, so thinking that a group of four people that he knows how to counter will be enough to take him down is enough to think that luck is going to have to be on their side. Still, seeing him on the big screen is going to be worth it.

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